Virginity: My Generation

Pretty much everyone I know has lost their V-card. Some were in a stable relationship, for others it was a drunken night fling. Some people have had sex too many times to count, others for 20 seconds. But the greatest 'achievement' is not when or where or who with, it is how many times.

It's quite simple, the more people you have had sex with, the 'better you are'. Sure you will be viewed as a **** if you have had sex with 30 people and you are 19, but people will be jealous. You can be assured people will wonder what star quality you have that they don't. Are you easy? Do the opposite sex think you are beyond attractive? Or are you just so good in bed your conquests have informed the world and your lovers line up waiting for the chance to **** you?

At 15 I knew a girl in my year who had slept with 5 men. And she loved to brag about it. Arguably, some boys were disgusted, but still everyone was intrigued. "What does she have that I don't?" I would think. When my friends started having sex every story of theirs was different, and I continued to wonder why everyone was getting some, and why I wasn't.

In this generation, if you don't have sex you are either a prude, extremely unattractive, or very religious. You cannot be happy being pure and innocent. You have to get drunk often, you have to dabble in drugs. If you don't, you are presumed to be boring.
It's a shame that your personality is based on how many people you have slept with or how many laws you have broken, but with young people, sex is the most important thing. It is the next step and afterwards you can 'grow' from child to adult.

To this day I still haven't 'done it'. Am I missing out? My younger, being a promiscuous blonde prat, I assume will have sex before me, which I completely dread. It would sure be the topping on the cake, that my younger sister can get some and I still can't.
It's hard, I feel like everyone expects me to do it, when in actual fact as I don't scream about my virginity at the top of my voice no one cares. When people find out, they seem shocked and ask me questions about 'why?'. It's quite simple, I haven't been given that many chances. And sure as hell am I not going to go to a party dressed as a **** to tempt the males around me.

Sex is no longer considered a big thing between people of my age, yet still the gossip travels like wildfire whenever there is news of the latest scandal.

I can''t hold onto it forever, maybe I will make a mistake, or wait until marriage. But I'm positive when it happens there will certainly be someone out there intrigued by the story, or jealous that they didn't have sex first, because that is what this generation is all about. Being a virgin isn't 'cool' or 'sweet' it is a disease to get rid of, and I am sure for kids even younger than me it will be the same.

What are your views? Do you agree, or is it different where you come from. I sure wish virginity was a sacred thing, but it is disappointing to say that doesn't apply where I live.
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1 Response May 24, 2012

I agree with what you're saying. Any type of sexual restraint is viewed as "prudish". It's as if people feel entitled to your body. And they get offended when you don't feel similarly. As you pointed out, being a virgin is viewed as strange, stuck-up, and presumably pious.