Yupp I am 18 and a virgin and proud of it :) nothings really stopping me from having sex other than not having a boyfriend ahaha I just don't wanna have it yet I guess
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Wish i was still a virgin

Wish i was still a virgin

you should be proud of it.

Good for you!

There is nothing to be proud of or ashamed. I'm in the same boat as you, only its a lot more socially unacceptable because I'm a guy.

Honestly why are you announcing that why not just do it, stay a virgin and not announce it here? It's not an experience and who really cares? It's like saying I've never been to Europe. So you're putting something you've never done on a site of experiences? Personally I think it's a mistake because sex is so important to men that if you wait until you get married and it there isn't chemistry between you and the husband, there will be adultery, divorce or worst of all, kids, adultery and then divorce. I'm not saying you have to bang boyfriends, not at all, but a fiance someone you are sure you want to marry you may want to reconsider your proud feat. This advice is from a guy and I'm telling you sex is just too important to men. Just as important as the emotional stuff girls need. Would you marry a guy who never expressed any emotion towards you but told you he would after you married him? Just saying...a little risky...

Good for you. I wish I'd waited. I really admire those who respect themselves enough to wait.

Good for you. Wait until you are ready!

something to be proud off,take your time,you will enoy it more with someone you love and when you are ready.

i'm a guy and i am glad that i am not the only one that thinks that they are not ready yet and believe me i'm like 21 yrs old. Good for you.......

Ok nice to have ur friendship

Good for you :) same here (except I'm a year older) there's nothing wrong with eaiting. i dont know why people feel the need to rush. Thats how it gets messed up

Kudos! There are many blessings that come from saving yourself. Most don't, due to lack of integrity. I urge you to wait for marriage. God WILL bless your life if you honor his rules. Most think that they're special, that God's rules don't apply to them. They are wrong. Be special! Be one of the few people from our time that God can give recognition to for this virtue. God can only bless you as much as you allow him to. Guard your virtue, and God can bless you in this life AND the next :-)

Umm r u a virgin. No. So don't give advice. You call women ******* and say they're property. Sex is nature, go along with nature. Ha

There is every reason to be glad that you are a virgin because that means you did not let some guy convince you that he would love you forever or be there for you no matter what, only to go away when you needed him close. At the same time, when you do decide to be sexual, having a virgin means nothing about the pleasure and intimacy you can experience. What will make that stupendous and deep is your willingness to put yourself out there for the partner you choose to love in that way. <br />
<br />
Our sexuality is a gift that goes beyond any animalistic impulses. It is a source of delight, amusement, joy, laughter, and sometimes pain and loss. It can be incredibly intimate or just a meeting of bodies. It is so important to make it all it can be for you and to reward yourself for keeping it special by making it extraordinary when the time to remain a virgin has passed.

Not a thing wrong with being a virgin and you should wear that honor proudly.

Good for you! :)

I say the same thing,, i agree too :)

good for you

You should be proud of being a virgin. Both my wife and I were virgins when we met. I was 28 and she was 24. Our first time together exploring our sexuality for the first time was incredible. I hope you will honor me be adding me to your Circle. I would really enjoy talking with you.