Made It Into My Twenties!

I'm still a virgin.

Ive had one boyfriend and he was a jerk and he pushed me when i wasnt ready and i didnt cave.

Im not religious, I dont care about sex before marriage but I do believe that love should come before sex. i want it to be free of fear and worry. i want it to feel right.

That relationship ended pretty badly and now im too scared to get into another one.

Most people dont believe me when they find out im a virgin. they wonder whats wrong with me. i have a pretty healthy sex drive. i do things manually about four or five times a week. I watch **** when i can find **** that isnt gross and i really want to have sex but im worth waiting for and i dont want to be pushed. Im stubborn and if you push me i just dig in my heels. my ex spent almost two years trying to push me and all it did was make me mad and make me want it less.

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i would never push you

If we were going to have sex I would NOT push you to have sex i would wait till your ready and do everthing i could to make you feel comforable for you

Gal.... my own experience is.... it is very easy to want to give in to jerks and guys who are out there looking for it... BUT a lot of girls who do so at a very young age find that when they are about 20+ just about every other guy they date asks them for sex....and they keep finding these jerks and not other guys.... the decent ones...WHy? well its quite simple really... a lot of girls who are easy... quite a lot but not all... have really quite low self-esteem.... the only way they can feel really pretty and loved is when someone makes love to them.... soooo they will keep attracting the jerks and creeps UNTIL they figure out the whole self-worth factor and decide that well... they are worth keeping for that one special person who does love them for them only.<br />
<br />
I kinda know this cos last year.. I joined this online forum populated by gals who have this low self-worth thing going... so... they had a lot of sex.. with a lot of guys.. who only joined the forum not cos the girls were good looking or of high quality, but cos a lot of the girls were well.. easy lay.. <br />
<br />
let me tell you something.. a lot of guys are quite lazy when it comes to getting laid.. they will try the road of least resistance.. no kid... don't fall into that kind of trap where a really popular girl is only popular cos she is as easy lay... I have seen tons of them .. and my gawd they look awful... and gawd only knows what on earth attracts all these men.. well I have an answer.. you know what.. its called... easy to get into bed with.... yar... :P<br />
<br />
My country is full of men who visit hookers on a regular basis and think nothing of cheating on the girl/wife of their dreams.... I have resigned myself to the fact that.. well... I will never marry someone from my country... NEVER.

Hi there, I'm 20 years old and almost all my friends have lost their virginity. I had many chances to go further than just a kiss, but I want my first time to be with someone who truly loves me and not just a one night stand. But it does get tiring sometimes when conversations are about sex etc.

I admire the cool factor of waiting for that one

hi babe,
my name is SACH,
a studying actor and a damn good guy
not attracted to u for online sex,
I am attracted to Friendship and cool chicks
please msg me/add me/ or read my stories and laugh away!

Walk your path; pay attention to nobody but your own inner voice :-)

My first time was horrible. I wasn't ready. But of course I was a person who just did it and I regret it every day. It's something I wish I could get back but I can't. Never realized how special being a virgin was until I lost mine.

good for you and remember it has to be special but the sooner you do it the better you will feel.

Great job, I'm glad I know someone else is fighting the good fight. I'm 18 and I could have lost mine when I was 14 and a trillion times after that. It's not that hard to say no as most people say.... But I hope you keep waiting until you find the one : )

good for ya gal.. you should only do it when you are good and ready and the guy can just wait... too bad for him.

Since we ladies have fingers and nowadays, access to all kinds of sexual paraphernalia, to help with.... our needs.. I do not see why having a guy is necessary... so you can wait.... its your right, your virginity and your call.

do yourself a service and give up your anal virginity first :D

Congratulations! ... and thank you for sharing this.

Society puts out such a large distortion of what it means to be in a relationship. Sure people still throw the "L" word around like a sack of potatoes, but what they really mean to say is that they are infatuated with whomever it may be. Now the exact same thing can be said for what one means when they call another "beautiful." In fact, beauty and love go hand-in-hand and corroborate one another.

Your beautiful for who you are as a person and if anyone says otherwise than I can guarantee you that their de-facto love for you is merely and gust a wind better known as infatuation or lust.

You may not be able to articulate your feelings the way that I can mine, but I'd feel safe to venture and say that you already know all of this. Please do not fall victim to societies vain outlook on relationships (and everything else for that matter). Also, note that I never brought up your virginity while saying any of this. You know why? Well simply put, it is because only society cares about such vainities. Whether your a virgin or not, so long as your surrounding yourself with people who love and care for you, how could you ever go wrong?

For what its worth, I am a virgin as well. However, far more importantly, I long to feel whole and I do not think I can ever feel that way until I find a woman around my age who I can call my own and spend the rest of my life with. So believe me, I can relate to you in every way. For me personally, the main reason why I have yet to have sex (or any intimate encounter for that matter) is because, as much as I do want it, to whom I share those encounters with is usually the next predominant thought that comes to mind. And of course, that is the woman who finally completes my being and makes me feel whole. That being said, as long as you are friends with a male and he, in all his earnesty, is able to see you for you then I do not see a problem having sex as friends. Like a hug, dance or a kiss. Sex is no different in my book. They are all intimate encounters.

Lol, I know this is kind of long, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I just joined EP after reading your story so this is kind of of my coming out reply. Keep up what you are doing! You are trying to live your life with meaning! Not vainty! I know its hard at times, my own mother thinks I might be gay (lmao), but hopefully it will all works out for the both of us.

Have a goodnight.

Aww. *** sit on Grandpa's lap and tell him all about it - Grandpa loves you and you love your Grandpa, dont you little girl?

LOL that\'s all I can say.

I think its great that your still a virgin.. Save it for the real person, not one that wants to get into your panties on thr first date.. I really admire you for holding out for sooo long.. ************ is fine and is a great release for you ----

Good for you. Wait until you are ready and don't let anyone push you. Never heard a girl say she had sex too early.

your very beautiful. i can see why he wanted it so bad. it's worth waiting for. when i was younger i wanted it. i lost my virginity at 17. she was a good girl. a little slutty but that was just her reputation. i didn't know how to handle it so i left her. but wished now after all these year's that i hadn't. she could have taught me a lot. at least that's the way i feel about it now.
there's was another was in my mind still. she was married and sought after me with a vengence. which REALLY helped my ego. i would say no i feel guilty and she would push and it was great. terrific actually.
i was a very slim shy boy. when i was 27 i weighed 120 pound's soak and wet. i alway's had a complex about the size of my penis and it drove me to do thing's that i would better off not doing. like giving it up to just anyone. i regret those day's not to far off from where i am now.
love is hard to find. as hard as you push to not have or too for that matter there is someone who is doing the same thing. to or fro. it's hard to be compatible with someone and even harder to do it for long period's of time. at least that has been my experience. maybe i feel that way because i failed for so many time's and it hurt. i wanted to be loved and that is where it is at babe. love. but no woman wanted a shy slim guy such as myself they had have thing's body, money, dope. i didn't have much to work with and was incredibly lonely.
what i do know now is that being promiscuous is not the way to go. there may come a time in your life when you want to experiment as you become more mature. but be careful as you are now. there are disease's and if you catch them that is it. we don't that medical knowledge to fix that yet.
i have seen couple parent's of friend's that i have known who were perfect for each other they went every where to gether and were inspiring. i guess i wanted that to badly. i don't know how to fix my problem anymore i ruined it by trusting to many uncaring people. so be careful
it make's me fell better to tell you. i hope you don't mind. after the storm is all over i sit here still looking for love. sad really as i laugh. it's not there mr. prosecuter. no love anymore. when i did find it i was so wanting it so bad that i sought EVERY woman even when i had one right under my nose. wished i could that again brand new. anyway go... fall in love and be careful.

im glad you respect yourself and want it to be perfect.. there is nothing wrong with being a virgin.. and its good you dont sleep around.. i think more people should be like you and not just give it out like free food stamps lol

Me too, I am 20.

Well done, you deserve a round of applause. I didn't make it much past 20 myself but I wish I'd waited longer.

This sounds exactly like me. The boy I loved broke my heart because I told him I wasn't ready to have sex . But I felt that if he loved me back sex didn't matter .

You are right. The person who loves you will stick around regardless.

No love, no sex, not the other way around. Good for you to be a virgin.

Oh that's really good

ur doin the right thing my dear ;)

I was a virgin til I was 26yrs old.

I really like how you stand by your beliefs in regards to sex. You're thoughts have really helped me out. I'm turning 22 this year and have felt behind about the whole having sex thing. For a few years I've seen my virginity as some kind of obstacle that sets me back, but it's reassuring to see others of a like mind. We're not strange, we have our desires, but we don't want to spoil our first times just for the sake of having sex with someone.

Good for you, it's nice to see that there are people out there who stick to their convictions.

I'm turning 20 very soon, still there with you. :-)

Its not easy. I work hard to curb my impuses because once the deed is done I think I might... well I think the deed will happen a lot!

I agree with you wholeheartedly, it should be free of fear and worry. And guilt.

Don't worry. It is not a race or competition. Only you can feel when it is right or you, or when the other person is right for you. ;-)

you are right what you say of your virginity,but as it is part of you,its about giving yourself to someone you love and trust,that should be an amazing and special once in a lifetime event.And thats what separates us from animals,most of us care about the people we have sex with,that results in the most satisfying,enjoyable experience.

The only man that is woth sleeping with is one that puts a ring on your finger and Marry's you! Your virginity is worth more than all the gold in the world. Your husband should be the recipient of that gift, either him or God!

I appreciate what you are saying but I dont really believe in marriage. And I dont think its my virginity that is so special. Its that Im special and I think I deserve for my first time to be meaningful.

Ill so would have been mad to let kiss girl go.

I share the same beliefs as you :) im a 21 year old virgin and want it to be with somebody I love

It matters right? I mean theres a million reasons to wait. STDs, pregnancy and that stuff. But mostly, it should just be special. Not perfect. Just filled with love and trust. I cant be with someone I cant trust.

exactly if you get a chance please read my story "my personal beliefs"