My Promise

I'm 20 and still a virgin because I promised God that I would abstain from sex until I get married. Somedays are harder than others, but it should be worth the wait in the long run.
akoubadorcas akoubadorcas
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3 Responses Jul 25, 2012

I am an older man at age 44, and your an attractive young woman, have standards when it comes to relationships, and enjoy sex with or without conscience, your body your mind your choice.....also there is no such thing as the one.

Thank you, and sometimes I start to think that there may not be a 'the one' but I haven't met a guy that I'm willing to give that part of me yet. When I meet this guy, he'll be my 'one'

i hope so, I believe he will be special like you are.

Thank you, I am humbled by your compliment.

i thought i was really out of world coz im still a v @ 22.. well i found out here that im not the only one.hehe

wow! That must get tough at times... I totally respect that.

Nice thinking, I thought no one thinks this way anymore =) It is really not that hard, and it is for the best!

Thank you! :D it got hard when I had a boyfriend, there was more temptation. Now that i'm single, i don't really have that problem.

I understand =) It looks like you have a strong will! Nice and Good luck!

Thank you