Maybe I Will Wait?

I am twenty years old and a virgin!

i don't really have a lot of friends who are still virgins and family members either. i have many guy friends i tell im still a virgin and they're amazed. lol.... some guys wanna take it away and some think its too much for them to take. some think i should just do it with whoever and some say i should wait for someone i really love. In my family its a big No to have sex before marriage. But almost everyone in my family has done it before they even got married.

Here's what i think... i think it would be BEAUTIFUL, to walk down the aisle the day of my wedding and know i am really PURE and GOD knows it.... and i know that, that night is gonna be extra special.... because its gonna be the day i get married and the night i lose my virginity.... lol unless i am on my period. just kidding.... but really.... that would be wonderful. I currently do not have a boyfriend or anyone who i would consider having sex with... but i have thought of just doing it with whoever in the past. Just to get it over with.... and then i think its good that i haven't. i'm worried if i do it with someone i'll regret it or get attached cause they took my virginity.

So i think i am better off saving it... til the day i get married if i ever do. Which i really hope so....

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I'm waiting for marriage. It isn't easy, but I think it's the right thing for me. I think (and hope) that to share that intimacy only with the person you intend to spend the rest of your life with will be worth the wait.

i totally agree!!!! its something very special....i hope we both wait!:)


@ Aryakhan... lol you're funny!!!:)

Will you marry me??