Rebuild The Nuclear Family As Ideal Consumption Unit

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why capitalism wants us to stay single? We like to think we are free in the market: that se are beyond the forces of ads and social manipulation by market forces. But there is a new social trend-the rise of 'single person"as model consumer-that presents us with a paradox./The long-term relationship,like the job-for-life,is fast being deregulated into short term, temporary arrangements with no promise of commitment. It`s hard for two people to be self-employed,with no promise of a stable future,together.Capitalism now wants us to be single.The shift away from family life to solo lifestyles in the 20 the century was part of the irresistible momentum of individualism. But this "freedom" looks a lot less glamorous when viewed through the perspective planned change in consumerism.
Consumerism now wants you to be single,so it sells this as sexy.
Get radical, get hitched,demand commitment.Say no to the seductions of the disposable singles market, say yes to the nuclear family.
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3 Responses Sep 1, 2012

I agree completely. Media is constantly pushing promiscuity and society is degenerating because of it. I hope one day there will be a huge global financial meltdown casting all of humanity down into a 3rd world hellhole. I believe this will reset a lot of societies morals and values back a couple of generations. Only through a complete financial meltdown and breakdown of all government welfare will people return back to the original nuclear family model.

First I `m starting my blog -society of "White rose movement".We are living in upside down society, very ill society, where "virginity" become is profanity word.Second ,I started site "avirginbride".In USA near 14 mil. virgins from 18-35y.e.<br />
I`m looking for people who will be supporting my ideas/ Let`s start working together.<br />
What will be you ideas?

Hey Dona, <br />
Not sure I "can" write in this thread, since I am no longer virgin, but just want to tell you I sympathize with your views and they completely reflect with mine. <br />
<br />
I feel indeed that today's current is to stay single, as this guarantees a lot more consumption in order to maintain a certain level of artificially created "hapiness". <br />
<br />
So yeah.... demanding commitment IS radical today, totally agree with that, and I am happy to see other women turning towards that direction. <br />
<br />
Maybe we should start a forum or something and start working together towards a new shift of awareness....