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I am 23 years young...and a virgin. It's definitely not a subject I enjoy talking about. When people find this out about a person they stereotype them as a prude, someone that's confused, or a loser. I'm none of those things. Being a virgin doesn't define who I am, it's just another characteristic, among many others, about me. I have been in situations where I could have easily changed this status, but chose not to because I knew I would regret it. I want the first person I have sex with to feel special. I waited for them. Someone once told me that a girl loses her value when she lies down with a man. Well, I guess I like having all my value. Some times I wish I could just get it over with, but it will happen sooner or later. For now, I'll just continue living life. =)
TexasGirl512 TexasGirl512 18-21, F 44 Responses Oct 8, 2012

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your body and virginity is not really part of your being , your mind . You could had an virginity amnesia. I know people of both sexes who even forgot that they had sex with particular person. What you really searching for is having regular sex .

Thats very cool, be proud!!!

I am producing a documentary series about virginity. Any virgins out there that would like to speak out and maybe also get help finding the right mate or learn more about intimacy, please contact me julie (at) workaholictv (dot) com

you should wait till you find the right guy unless you want to lose it now

All you can do id live lifr sooner or later you will find a guy or a guy will find you. till the day your no longer a virgin all you can do is live life and be happy

When you can only do some thing once it is not a bad thing to make sure that you do it right.

I would suggest it to anyone! It really is not as important as you would think. I agree that the person you loose your virginity to should be special. I do not think, however, that they need to be "the one". It's a fun expirience and I feel like once you do it, you might regret the fact that you didn't do it earlier!

I was always a star trek fan

Way to go you! I'm in Texas, too, and I'm a virgin.
Several of my friends got pregnant in high school, and that scared me into not doing anything. I don't really talk about sex, but one advice I received from different people is to wait until I'm ready. I want to be completely in love with the man who takes my virginity.

I couldn't agree more especially about the first person feeling special as if they have recieved one of life's most precious gifts because in all actuality they have :) I value my virginity I consider it something sacred that I will not just give away to anybody. Congrats on recognizing and appreciating your value :)

I don't blame you for your choice. If anything I'll congatulate you for beeing true to yourself. But don't you belive it for a minute that you will lose value if you decide to enjoy yourself in a sexual way. Women have a right to enjoy their sexuality without beeing degraded or judged for it, it's your body and you have a right to enjoy it.

i wouldnt make fun if anyone for being a virgin. i myslef am not and proud of it.

So am I, I understand what it feels like to be made fun of and want to get it over with.

I like the TX flag in your picture! =)

Thanks :)

There is nothing wrong with being a Virgin. Don't let anyone making fun of that get to you. Just remember that shows you are stronger than them and they are jealous.

Marry me !

Can I be your first

I liked the title lol

Haha! Thanks!

Good story, I can definitely relate

I'll echo the sentiment that there's nothing wrong with being a virgin. The only person who has any right to care about what gets put in where, with whom and when is you.

Having said that, women aren't cars - they don't depreciate when you drive them off the lot. Sex can be special, but it's also fun when it's done right and it's a natural part of life. Special sex can also happen anytime, not just the first time.

I suppose my unsolicited advice is that if it feels right, go ahead.

Nothing wrong with that at all.

Your find your superman some day. When you do his xray vision will see your heart,and that all that maters. Love sweet love.

Nothing wrong with being a virgin, more power to you !

i would hit that.

There's nothing wrong with that. That's is very awe-inspiring.

I can understand your thinking as someone in need of a deep emotional connection...

i admire you for your honesty, you are a kind beautiful young lady, hold strong to your values, many men would love to be your guy

im sure the man you that you will give your virginity would be so lucky and full of pride so choose well and be happy with him too.

Good for you girl!!! I'm almost 19 and still a virgin but I feel the same way! Not religious or anything but I believe and preach that the more you do something, the less value it has. I mean obviously it's people's lives and they can do what they want but you seriously don't need to rely on sex to be happy in a relationship. The minute you do that, it becomes a pure physical relationship and the meaning of emotional commitment and attachment becomes meaningless. I don't know. Being completely naked in front of someone and having them judge your body scares me... that and the more sex you have, the more addicted you become... It'll lead you into nothing but a huge hot mess. I want someone who puts me in front of themselves. After all, isn't that what love is about? If they're going to push me towards having sex with them, I'd dump them without second thoughts because if they really loved me, they'd love me for standing my ground and respect my decisions. Also not one for artificial contraceptives. I want to lose my virginity to my future fiance/ husband. :) team abstinence!

I feel the same way sometimes. I'm 25 and still a virgin, not for any religious purpose and not because I haven't wanted to but mostly I don't want children anytime soon, and I know theres birth control for situations like that. I just don't want to have that moment where I slept with someone and an accident happened. I want a person who going to be committed to me and me to him. Not someone who's looking for a causal thing. I've been called a prude before and sometimes I do worry that when I do meet a man that I would think about sleeping with some day that they wouldn't want to even bother with a virgin. I can only imagine what kind of pressure there is on a guy who's experienced and would have to deal with an older virgin. I just hope someday there is a man that's understanding of why I waited and won't be put off by it.

I'm a virgin too. but im content with myself...
You should be proud of yourself! not many make it that far... x