And Theres No Way I'm Gunna Lose It Before Getting Married....

"There is no real excellence in all this world which can be separated from right living" (jordan)

Certainly virginity is dignity....cause its the seal of one's modesty and honesty
and the person who deserve it is the one with whom Yr gunna get married with...
its for the one with whom you can share yr home yr life....
if i've already lost it then how i can be lookin in my loved one eyes....nothing can cover that shame.....its something that yr loved one'll feel proud of....
i wanna stand infront of my future wife n children guilt free....and i wish none of my actions'll ever hurt them or make them feel ashamed of me...
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Chastity is the first virtue in man or woman.

~ Swami Vivekananda

It's not just us girls? Guys admit they're virgins too??? THERES HOPE!

lol yeah !

That is nothing to be ashamed about.. It is but the utmost priceless gift of all to be given in a marriage and you should be extremely proud ..all the best to you..xx
she should be so very proud and lucky to have you..
I too gave my husband my virginity at 24 yrs old..I am glad I waited..xx

Amen to that :)

I can honestly say that as a woman who wants to also keep her virginity until marriage, it's difficult to find men who want to do the same. Im so glad I stumbled onto this post! Thank you for sharing.

thank you very much..:))

That's great :)

Yay! Stay strong! Your future wife, your life without guilt, true happiness, and your life after death is worth waiting for! :)

So beautiful. I appreciate your honesty (: with time comes blessings.

Great post :) that's exactly how it should be.

Nothing wrong with that.

there is nothing very strange whatever khan is saying there are thousands who are still virgin but most of the people are muslims Alhumduliah just because of fair of Allah ,because we believe that whatever bed we do will come in front of us not only here but also hereafter.Regarding this IMAM SHAFI Rahmatu Allah alahay said whatever you do with any other person will happen with your own family.

I wish more men had this idea about sex. I love who I’m with right now but, it makes it so much harder when we aren't on the same page about this. It's not that he intentionally pushes me he just doesn't understand. We just have different perspectives on the matter. In this day and age, I feel that very few people feel the same way I do about this but this is how it is supposed to be. Giving your virginity and marriage are the same thing. They are meant to be a complete bond, not one without the other. People have strayed and want to live in the moment and not think about how it will affect them later. I admire your strength and determination. It is so hard to come by a man that has this view point and I wish you the best to keep it up! Your wife will be a very lucky woman.

awww thank you so much...:))
and don't worry about yr man he'll understand the beauty of it when you let things flow his way.......dun get hard on him cause its not his fault....sadly the whole society is like that.....and i wish you best of luck too....hope all the happiness comes yr way..:))

Amazing. A round of applause to you! Keep it up :D

Thank you very much Jane..:))

VERY impressive!!! I've shared this article from with other people before, but I thought you might find it interesting too.

awww thank you so much...:)
thankx for the article ....It iluminated some more virtues....:D

me too :)

I agree with you. I am also doing the same. Reserving my virginity for the one i'm going to marry. I am glad I haven't lost it yet. :)

Thats the sprirt...:D

your lucky.

TOTALLY agree!!^^

I agree. I've heard so many people tell me they wish they would waited and it hurts that they didn't because you can't reverse it.


Totally agree. :)

cool ....... modesty is the best policy ! May God keep you up with it :D !

Thankx Annu :))

welcome !