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Developing Myself :)

Personally I feel very uncomfortable with the way is sex is portreyed to girls my age and younger. It is seen as something a girl will do to get a guy to like her or to be socially accepted. Yes the pleasure of the act is present, but the way it was obtained is often very unsavoury. Drunk girls of 14 giving out handjobs does not strike me as a good thing.

My own approach to sex has developed over the last few years. I have learnt about my own sexuality and sexual orientation and have reached the stage where I am physically and mentally ready for sex. But emotionally I am still looking for the right person. There has only been one guy so far I have genuinely considered but I won't be seeing him for a few years now so right now I am content being a virgin. :)
HoldingTheSkyInBothHands HoldingTheSkyInBothHands 16-17, F 7 Responses Nov 7, 2012

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Yup, Stay a virgin. I am at age 26... its not a problem... is it. :3

no girl should ever think the only way to keep a guy is by having sex with him.. if he wants to be with you and loves you, he will.. and if he doesnt stick around.. well then obviously he isnt the right person.. so its a win win situation not sleeping with guys.. i might be a guy and to be honest.. im sick of always finding girls that have been with so many guys.. it turns me off and i cant see myself having a girl like that as my mother of my children... so there are a lot of guys that are like me out there.. so dont feel like you have to sleep around to keep a guy..

I'll put it simple. You're rare. Sex has become a tool. It's a means to an end and has no meaning whatsoever. I hope more young ladies get a clue. Your body is meant to be treasured not used for the moment. Sex is a beautiful thing between two people in love. Otherwise, it's a few minutes of pleasure and forgotten.

Wow thank you all for all the great comments and support. I really appreciate the feedback and its nice to know that so many of you agree! :)

I'm still a virgin and I'm in college. There are so many girls who tell me they wish that they would have waited and that they wish they were like me. I don't even know you but as a fellow virgin, I'm proud of you!!

you give me hope that decent girls exist still!

Very few girls your age think like you. I personally know girls younger that have had sex. I find it sad.