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People Are So Judgmental.

im eighteen, and a virgin. it's a personal choice that ive made. I don't want to lose it to some ***, and then regret it when someone truly deserving comes past.

majority of people frown when they realize that you're a virgin. why? perhaps they think that you're not good enough to get someone. i disagree. i KNOW that there's nothing wrong with me, or any of you as a matter of fact.

these days, a persons 'looks' say it all. i don't see how that works either. apparently, if you're pretty, then you've ought to have had sex. once again, thats false. pretty people can have brains, and they have the ability to make wise decisions. stop judging the way someone looks.

im proud of the choices that ive made; &all the times when Ive rejected the sex addicts. i don't want to ruin my life. and to all of the other virgins out there, don't be ashamed. You are very special people.
nonnibe nonnibe 18-21, F 140 Responses Nov 11, 2012

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i will date you. I would like to have someone just like you.

Fantastic, I hope someday more people become as aware as you are. I wasn't and I made a mistake of caving into peer pressure. I know people think that us men do not care about these things, but I do.

I'm 21 and I'm a virgin and people always try to put me down about it, but it's my choice and it's a good thing you're being smart about it , unlike other females and males

Proud of you!

Good. I'm glad you are smart enough to wait until the time is right.

I'm proud of you, still being a virgin. WELL DONE. XXX

May I have an add?

Be proud of who you are. It's a beautiful thing.

That's awesome. Never be ashamed of being yourself. It's good that you're waiting. Most girls don't nowadays. I remember my youth group leader had us take sips from a water bottle, then he got a unopened bottle and asked which would we rather have. Everybody chose the clean one, and then he said "yea no one wants the used one, remember that for yourself too."

your youth group leader is absolutely right, couldn't have said it any better myself. take care! :)

Congratulations for standing up for yourself!!! My daughter is 20 and she has kept her virginity also, she knows that she has plenty of time to wait for the right person to give it to.

Hey! You have your own choices,
Don't care how people says about it.

im with u im still a virgin just havent found the right woman yet but sometimes it does get me down knowing that im still a virgin

Peaple who judge by looks are missing out on something I think. True love. Keep up the good work!!!!!!👍

very well said! thanks a lot:)

No problem.:)

I'm admiring your decision to be a virgin. You are waiting until marriage. Am I right ? I'm interested in smoking. I wrote you a letter, 10 minutes ago DON

yes, waiting till marriage.

I made a mistake. I think like you, found that a girl really wanted me aroused. We were on our way to my home, and she put her head in my lap while I was driving. Later, that year I met a girl I loved, and still do. You will find a good husband, noni. Marriage teaches you to be unselfish.

Thank you, I am 18 and I am a virgin too, this helped me a lot. :)

excellent choice! Dont let those judgmental people put you down!

believe me, they try so hard!

Good choice indeed. Everyone does not have to be the same .
Keep it until you are married and give it to someone that really deserves it.

i am very hap-py hap-py hap-py to read this i am a virgin as well and it is something to be proud of. also it makes more sense to wait.
i hope you don't mind that i add you

Yep, your right.

Agreed. Some people need self-control.

I don't really get why most females must lose virginity it the in thing?

It's good that you choose to wait, young miss. It is indeed a wise choice. Know now that as an adult, it will become that much more difficult. But reading this shows me that you will do just fine when that time comes. Proud of you.

thankyou for your kind words. i wont say that its easy, because it really isnt. but im determined to keep it this way, and hopefully i'll last.

You are most welcome.

There is no doubt in my mind that you won't make it. I just hit 20 and im still in the same boat as you.

The best thing? Live your life one day at a time. Take care of today and let tomorrow be tomorrow. Often times we find ourselves trying to predict the outcome. That's a big mistake. Why? It'll make you become desperate to see the end of the waiting period.

But again, I doubt you will give up.

hats off to you. im sure the person that you end up with will be very deserving. youre absolutely right, we shouldnt waste our time today worrying about what the future holds.

Haha thank you. You are very kind.

Yep. As my grandfather would say" it's bad juju" lol.
Well I'm off to work.
Pleasure to meet you, by the way.
Perhaps we could chat some other time?

it was great talking to you, do keep in touch. have a great day, and work hard! x

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first way to be strong. Second, it is amazing how people don't read legit stories enough.

dont worry im almost 18 and im still a virgin

proud of you!

Now try to keep it a few extra years until you get married :)

i definitely will! thankyou for your positivity :)

Thank you for being honest with yourself and with god :)

Yeah,thats true,and i totally agree ,even im a guy,id said thad if id had a choice,id choosed a virgin girl,thats normal to keep virginity as much as possible cause of this depends your own health,keep brave

I'd say it's true but also that it's pretty bad for guys that are ahem virgins *looks away*

society's made it sound like its a bad thing for a guy to be a virgin. but i honestly believe theres nothing wrong with it. in fact, it just proves that he was patient and didnt mess around with women, like the other 98% of the male population would do.

trust me, they do exist. theyre just hard to find, and rare. im not sure if id only marry a virgin guy; provided that he hasnt had sex without any emotional attachment, respect for the girl; and not just for the sake of it.

if i sense that they were in a committed relationship (and no, i dont mean a couple of days/months) but maybe a longer period of time; then perhaps. but then again, they all have a different story to tell!

we're on the same page :D

AMEN! it defeats the entire purpose of those words. and when they break up, they get all depressed saying "she was the one. i loved her, ive never met someone like her." then two days later...meets another girl, and the story repeats itself.

You're right no doubt about it but its like most of friends don't really understand about why a guy doesn't wanna sleep with just any girl, not saying I'm waiting for marriage just saying that I want a stable relationship before anything I guess haha

I am a guy and I am a virgin. If the society doesnt like it then it is tuff luck to them. I am in to questioning the social norms as it is. To be honest people who just go sleeping around are not really acting on love.

1 day a right person may come along probley wont happen till I sort my own problems out as I am realising them more and more.

waiting for a stable relationship is a sensible thing to do. and youre always going to meet people that think differently to you; so just dont let that change your perspective about things.

Mmmhmmm I like to distance myself from society in honesty but finding someone you click with and can share things freely with is always difficult there are times of weakness and thinking that let me get it over with but that would make me feel like it I compromised my own way of thinking gahhhh I over think >_<

Same here ashes

Yup well me and another mate we are both ..... V's he's been in a relationship for 3 years and he's waiting for marriage Im more forever alone and can't find the right bond or emotional attachment needed I guess
It's defo not age it's the view on sex that defines it I think

there are many people out there like myself, that think that this is a rare quality to possess. it just says so much about a man! it'll all pay off sooner or later when you meet the right person. dont let your views change.

Ahaha don't worry it's too late to change my views I've seen too much haha
Maybe Australia will hold the key lol
In honesty I can't even be bothered to go out with any girls now it feels dull unless I can see a spark

haha dont have expectations from aussies, trust! lets swap prefer england

Aha don't have expectations for here either haha watch Geordie Shore, The Valleys or Made In Essex if you want proof

ive heard a lot about geordie shore, not the best stuff!

Trust me England is worse then Australia Geordie shore makes Jersey Shore look like a church show and the valleys could be called ****** are us

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Good for u

Good one girl! you can sum it up when you think to yourself "I will be able to look back at this and be happy with him as my first" just don't be one of those not until marriage blah blah blah types.

awesome! I was until almost 20. I waited on purpose as well, but then this one girl just wouldnt let up!