So... My College Roommate Kind Of Had Sex...

About five feet from me. I'm a virgin and I'd never heard real sex before. I just pretended to be asleep, but of course I was very awake, teetering in the edge of digusted and fascinated.
Sex seems like it's pretty darned awkward, though.There was a lot of fumbling around for condoms and short intervals of pretty normal conversation. Hmph. I don't know how I feel anymore.

Perhaps I lost my earginity? I guess it's better to ease into it.
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Definitely better to ease into it. Sex is an acquired taste. :)

cool story. ARe you a virgin still? or did you lose it?

you did not have sex just couse your roomate is having sex you dont need to follow what other people are doing. If your happy being a virgin then you should be glad for that

just because someone else does it doesn't mean you have to too!
Only you can make the choices that you think are best for you.
My problem on the other hand is that I can't seem to obtain a gf that likes me for who I am, so I've decided to wait for that special someone to reveal herself.

Wow. I might be grossed out too. lol

Not to be mean but you liked it cuz you watched or heard or both and your thinking about it it's not gross it natural we are programmed to reproduce

I stayed in the room because it was 2am and I didn't have anywhere else to go. But alrighty lol

practical education :)

LOL this happened to me last year. I was disgusted and fascinated all at once. I think she was losing her virginity, too... silly girl.

i had the similar experience few years ago...i was asleep cause i wasn't feeling well...and my roommate and his gf came in ,after few small conversation...i hear fondling and some foreplay and kissing..they stopped ....i was exciter after

Gross! haha man, that is awkward...