Of course I am, I'm just fifteen haha. But seriously; so many people from school and stuff have already lost their virginity as early as eleven years old (I'm not kidding) and it honestly leaves me speechless. What's the rush? I'm sure not in a hurry. In fact, I think I could be a virgin all my life and be perfectly happy. Sex isn't a necessity to me.
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Thank you for telling us your story.

You Rock girl!

Too true. To me, sex isn't even worth it unless you do it with someone you love the most. I'm thinking of giving my virginity to my boyfriend if we last until we finish high school, since I really do love him. But until then, I will abstain because one, I don't want to have to worry about condoms breaking, or when my period is just because I don't want to get pregnant, and two, It's just not necessary for me at this point in time. Sure hormones tell me otherwise, but that's what self-control is for

Good for you!

I Aam 26 and still virgin ,, it is not big deall , but better do it with some one will be something in your life .