38, Saving Myself For Marriage, Proud Of It! :)

I've always felt strongly about this. Even when ridiculed by my own family. I'm 38 years old, and for 38 years I've kept myself pure waiting on the right one to fall in love with and marry. Ive had opportunities and I know what temptation is, but I'm still holding out for that special someone. Believe me, I've had many, many dissapointments but I'm not ashamed that I've held on to my purity. Because if there be such a creature as "the right one", then she's worth waiting 38 more if needs be. It doesn't matter if she's made mistakes, as I know how hard it is to face temptation and walk away this day and age. All that matters is that she's patient with me being a slow mover, and loves me for every part of me, as I would her, when we are both absolutely sure.. I've been hurt, badly, so I've become the kind of person who has to take a good long look before I leap. I'm willing to wait as long as it takes for the right one, but the right one will be willing to wait for me too :)
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wow good job dude!!! this is an amazing story.

I think u are wonderfull!
finally someone who is truly happy and proud of their virginity,,

Im a 20 year old virigin and im also waiting for the right one, until marriage :)
Im proud of it, and i find it odd that alot of people feel ashamed, or are questioning themselves because their friends all lost it and they still havent..

Thank you so much for your comment :) I've had some comments that were not so encouraging (and those I've deleted lol) So I very much appreciate your response and your complient :) Thanks again :)

That's the way to be! Good for you, man. It's definitely best to wait for the right woman to fall in love with and marry.

Thank you :)