21 And Still Going Strong!

I'm waiting til I get married. You don't know how many times men have tried to convince me to sleep with them though (not bragging or anything, just saying) -___-

I still remember this one guy who had the dumbest and unsexiest lines (which he thought were awesome) to try to get inside my pants despite the thousands of times I had said NO. My favorite though was "test drive before you buy" when I told him I'm waiting on marriage. Cracked me up actually, and I don't think he was too happy with my reaction lol.

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You and me both!

when your ready you will find that right guy

I am producing a documentary series about virginity. Any virgins out there that would like to speak out and maybe also get help finding the right mate or learn more about intimacy, please contact me julie (at) workaholictv (dot) com

thats cool your waiting till marrige nothing wrong with that

It's good to see that some still value their virginity. As for me, I'm divorced so I'm not a virgin anymore, but I've been celibate these past 2 1/2 years since my ex moved out. I'm waiting until I get married as well.

I'm 21 and a virgin too for the same reason.

And he should've totally used a nerdy pick up line like "Let's Transfer Electron Molecules."

Wouldn't have changed your mind, but it'd be hilarious.

Guys will do that , virgins are so tempting :)

Haha I guess so! Although, why that is, I'm not sure.

Virgins have an amazing feel to them. The initial penetration is different than any other feeling. Plus if a guy does it right, he knows he's the only one that's been inside of her, and gets the chance to be the only one that will be inside of her. The downside is most virgins know nothing sexual :/. But that lucky guy may get the chance to get everything he wants.

... and therein lies the problem. Its always about what the guy wants.

You are right . Although waiting until you get married is rather old cliche today since things and man can change and I would say I will say its not worth it . The husband can turn out to be an ******* .

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Hahahaha you're amazing, the guy sounds hilarious though. I've, sadly, had some guys try to do the same, but I'm with you on waiting. Keep it up! :D

He was an idiot lol. A few of his other famous quotes included "let me turn you into a woman" and some line about a lotus flower XD

XD Wow that's...well odd, and one of the cheesiest lines ever