I Have Not Yet ''done It''.

I'm 18 years old male, never been in a relationship, never had sex. I don't intend/want to be in a relationship nor to have sex because I'm not ready for either both, I'd rather wait for the right person to come. Even if I'm 30 and still a virgin, it doesn't matter - breaking ones virgin can only be done once - I'd rather be in a long term / serious relationship with the person that I broke my virgin with. :)
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I am producing a documentary series about virginity. Any virgins out there that would like to speak out and maybe also get help finding the right mate or learn more about intimacy, please contact me julie (at) workaholictv (dot) com

You're in Australia, right? Wondering how different things are there from the US. Seems like here, it used to be a bad thing to have casual sex if you were a girl, but cool if you were a guy. And now I kinda think it's a bit of both for guys (either you get called a player and it's GOOD, or you get called one and it's BAD, depending on the person), and it seems much more "fashionable" to be a girl who sleeps around. Girls tend to brag about having a lot of sex and have no shame about it any more. I mean, a lot of guys would see that as nice cos they'd have a shot at getting laid with those girls, but then the more conservative guys would see those girls as dirty or slutty and not wanna go near them. So just curious if you get teased for being a male virgin over there.

Either way, glad to see some more guys being okay with being a virgin! Though I wonder if we'd feel differently if we each already had sex with someone. Would we be able to do it more easily with others after the first time, or would we still stick to waiting until THE ONE came along.

You rock bro! Stand up for what you believe in. Don't get suckered into thinking of doing what everybody else is doing.

please wait for the right person. there are too many sexual diseases out here