Probably A Life Long Venture For Me...But I'D Give That Up If I Could

I am so damn lonely. Unless if ************ counts, I'll never see the other side of that line. Bad thing, not good.

I hate only knowing what I know about sex from other people's stories, movies and tv shows. Damn it.
amytheinvalid amytheinvalid
26-30, T
1 Response Feb 4, 2013

I agree. I feel the same. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to grow up and be that crazy old cat lady that everyone whispers about because I can't even make a connection with the opposite sex. If you're really desperate, save up some money, and get a nice hooker(one without diseases hopefully). I know it's not ideal, but that is always an option if you're really desperate. And dude, try out dating websites, or conventions. There are tons of conventions where people meet all the time and go on dates. I know its hard putting yourself out there, but at least trying is better than sitting at home 'taking care of things' yourself am I right?

If I had the money for such things (which is quite obvious I do NOT), that would be well and fine for me, but as long as I never have more than $15 a month in my wallet for daily expenses, no dice. And f-uck dating sites, they're all a bunch of suck fails. Nope. I will NEVER pay for sex. Never. Not ever. That is not ever for me, and I will not discuss on it further, I stand up for my values, period end of story.