Happy Relationships Are Possible :)

I am a 21 years old woman and I made the decision to be a virgin until marriage quite young at about 11/12 years old. Granted having grown up in a Christian household had influence, but I no longer consider myself religious and so I know that its not a religious reason but a personal one.

I have had many relationships with guys virgins and non virgins. I don't see it as missing out on experiences with my boyfriends so much as cementing a future where i will get to experience and share everything with one person I love more than anyone or anything.

People always assume virgins are prudes, but i have always been open and honest not just about my virginity but about sex in general. I have had experiences with some of my past boyfriends and the idea of sex is of course an exciting one, different possibilities with different people. But the idea of sharing fantasies and crazy ideas with one person forever seems even better to me. More than anything else I love the idea of marrying someone i love so much that i want to do everything with them.

Of course as a red blooded woman it can be difficult to stop myself from letting go but i always try to remind myself how happy i will be that first time once i am married and realise its a dream i dont want to let go of.

I am lucky enough to be in such a great relationship that my boyfriend respects my decision and me for it. We talk about a future together and how our relationship is a wonderful lead up to a life we hope to share together.

If you make/made the choice to save yourself, just know you can find if not like minded people then someone who loves you and respects you and your choice enough, if someone pressures you for what they want and doesn't consider what you want, just remember you can do better!!!

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good luck with your bf hope it leads to you being happy