People keep telling me to save it for that special girl but i don't see the point. Why should i save for a girl when she will more than likely have had sex with 10+ guys.
laserabe1 laserabe1
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Uhh if the girl has already had sex with 10+ guys she would just be a ****

It's your way of thinking, do what you want. No one tells you what to do. Just advice. So think yourself, about when and who and also about safety! 😉

Just because some girls waste it on some random ******** doesn't me you should too. Just look for the hidden gems. Nobody is rushing you to get laid.

Exactly lol

Then be with another virgin like yourself.

Lol trying to find a virgin girl in my area is impossible

Well, there's a whole world of girls put there. Don't limit yourself to the one's in your area.

Why you obsessed with sex anyways, relax.

Obsessed with sex? Are you talking about me?

No, laserabe1

Well you do have a rumbling heart haha XD

Haha, that was a bad joke. :P

Yeah I know. I was scared - you didn't respond for a while XD

Haha, what did you expect me to do? Get mad?

Or tell your mom on you? Haha

Lol alright there! 😉

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