18 and still a virgin! Its not like I haven't been tempted but after seeing what my friends went through. I want my first time to be with someone I love. And also the fact that im scared lol
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I am 25 and still a virgin. My wife will be the one who will take it :)

Our society puts a lot of pressure on virginity. Don't dwell on it too much. It'll happen when it happens. (From one virgin to the next).

They really do alot of my friends make fun of me but I dont care

Its alright im 19 never been in a relationship lol your far ahead of me . Dont feel any pressure to lose your v card u only get it once so dont loose it for just the sake of loosing it

Me either not the relationship type I guess lol and thank you!

Lol i guess so i haven't had any interaction wid the opposite sex lol so your better then me .