I'm 19 and still a virgin. I like it that way so far. Sex would probably be another added expense in my life that I cant afford
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You can get around to it when you want to. Life before sex was less...complicated. But sex can be, should be, I am sure, for you one day will be wonderful.

I am 25 and still a virgin. My wife will be the one who will take it :)

Actually it can be very fun and a stress reliever

yeah have u kissed someone?

Yes. I have, it was not for me. Either that or that those guys where just bad kissers

hmmmmm so r u vergin?

Isn't that just stating the obvious?

when u kiss him . y u were nt ******* with him,, r u conrol it?

Bad kissers sister. Kissing is really great but not a lot of guys can do it well. It takes a sort of tactile empathy that not everyone is blessed with. And I have met women who just can't seem to do it well either.

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