I used to think am I the only one? Then I start to think is it weird, am I unattractive.

But now I see it! There's a positive side in this I have zero chances of getting STD. So if you're gonna show-off about your love life then I don't give a ****! Just get out of my sight :P
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Lmao, backing out of the room


I'm 25 and I'm still a virgin. There' no need to be ashamed that you are a virgin. You correctly point out that you avoid the risk of getting an STD. :) I am going to wait until marriage before I have sex to ensure there's less heartbreak and abstinence before marriage is God's design.

Sex doesn't equal happiness.

Most people have sex before they understand it. Some people can go there whole life feeling satisfied and still not understanding it. Wait till fate finds you don't help or aid. Make sure he's good enough. Being a virgin in your 20s is pretty desirable. Gives you time to watch everyone else learn the hard way

Nothing wrong with waiting, too many people want to get rid of it like it's worthless.

Hey you're not the only one. I'm 24 and a virgin :)

And hey the grumpier you are the more ******** you meet, thats according to banksy :)


Oh he's a graffiti artist. :)

Yay is that you in the pic! Pretty girl! Are you from the Philippines?

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