Most of the time I am proud to be a virgin but for the other part of the time I seem to feel very down about it. I feel like no one truly understands how it is to be a virgin in your 20s. I don't have anybody in my life that I can talk to that is a virgin. The older I get the harder it is for me to be a virgin. I'm scared to give it away because being a virgin is all I've known. It's like I've developed an attachment to being a virgin and being pure. It's the only thing I have left. I don't think I'll ever find my true love that's also pure and a virgin. Sometimes I wished I wasn't a virgin anymore and gave it away so I wouldn't have to worry about this now.
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A hundred years ago, it would have been unusual for an unmarried girl in her 20s to not be a virgin. That was back in a time when this country maintained Christian standards and families stayed together. You mentioned that you don't have anybody in your life you can talk to who is a virgin. What would happen, say, if you were in church one morning and a 50+ year old man sat down with you and started talking about chastity? Yes, you'd probably jump and run out the door. You need to think again and remain seated. Keep your mind open to other older Christian singles who might try to guide you, whether they be men or women, 20 years old or 80 years old. BTW, I'm 53 and still a virgin.

You're really a virgin ?

I really am.

Wow that's hard to believe at 53

Welcome to my world lol. I gave up on it a while ago just going stay a virgin for ever bad thing about it is that i think about it a lot :/ but i made it this far so i think i can keep it up xD

don't be should feel great that youre not one of those girls who is forever hopping in out of guys beds and demeaning yourself.

I was a virgin in my 20s. I lost mine at 22.

I am 25 and still a virgin. My wife will be the one will take it ;)

Honey youre not anyless pure after youve had sex. Its just a part of life whether youve participated in it or not you will always be you.

I turned 22 yesterday. I know how you feel. Don't lose hope, it's tedious sometimes but eventually you'll find someone worth losing it to. Things have a way of just happening. Btw still a virgin. :)

Happy late birthday !

Thank you :)

Yeah I guess so it's just hard finding a guy that's 100% Virgin

Oh you mean someone who hasn't kissed anyone yet?

Well yea I want that and just someone who hasn't done anything

Well actually I knew a 20 year old guy. He had his first kiss last july. So they're out there

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I get it. I'm 23 and still a virgin. Sometimes I wonder if there's something wrong with me because I haven't had sex ( especially since I've had boyfriends). But then I hear my friends talk about how they wish they would have waited and been patient. I prefer to think of it as learning from their mistakes.

I feel like that sometimes but I haven't even had a boyfriend .....

exactly how I feel too!

I'm with you on being a virgin. Also I wonder if the guy I'll marry will be a virgin too. There are quite a few guys I've met in their 20's who are virgins, so don't worry, it is possible.

Yeah but most aren't 100% virgin

So what does 98% virgin mean?

Idk why are you asking me

Because you seem to have a definition for 100% virgin and say that not all who claim to be virgins are 100% virgin. So I'm wondering if there are other fractions that make you partial virgin.

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I'm 20 and I'm a virgin too, so I can relate. There are moments when I feel like I should've lost it by now, but for the most part I'm okay with it. I'm here if you want to talk about anything :)

Thank you

Don't worry 'bout it, I'm sure, in time u'll find someone worth it. Its normal to be worried at ur age considering ur society, but, when the time comes it'll be worth it, trust me!
And live normally don't get worked up 'bout it, just take it in the stride along with ur normal life!

It's just hard. When I was younger I was proud of it but now I'm like embarrassed. I've never been kissed or had a boyfriend either. I break down a lot. I feel like I'm not worthy of love.

Now thats the wrong way to go 'bout it! Just, be patient!

Please don't ever listen to those thoughts! I'm certain you're worthy of love. We're all just on different tracks I think. There's no honest way to compare ourselves with others so trying to do so only leads to these kinds of bad thoughts I think.

It's hard for me not to think that way

Well then remember that good things come to those who wait!
Also, I doubt someone as pretty as u could be undeserving of love! :)
just remember u r awesome!

Aw thank you

U r welcome! Feel free to txt me if u feel like! Happy to help!

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Hey I get that, I lost my at 26 and I know I'm a guy, but don't rush into this, make sure it is with someone who you love and they truly love you. It is something that God gave you and it should be cherish.

Yeah but I don't think I'll ever find someone that truly loves me

How old are you. Like I said I was 26 and she was 40, it wasn't what I thought it would have been.

I'm 20