Why?.....Because It's Good For Me....

I am not sure the reason that I want to wait. I just feel that it is the right decision for me. I worry a lot and I don't want to add to that with having to worry about STDs or pregnancy. I feel as though I can't tell some of my friends because they will think differently of me. Most of them have already had sex. I am not judgemental or anything like that, i never have been and never will be. I am different from them in a lot of ways. I think that I need to be with someone who is older than me and they may be able to control themselves and be able to understand more of where i am coming from.  I have also never had a boyfriend. I want one and i am not scared, or closed off. I definately want to get married and have children before i am 28. I also would love to be a stay at home mother. I think that will make a lot of difference in my kids life. I think that if i stay home with them i am going to be able to make sure that my children are going to make sure they make good decisions. I feel that if i am able to wait till marriage to have sex i am going to be able to do anything, as i think that is a very great accomplishment. I think that if i wait it will be so much more rewarding for me and my partner. *i'm sorry this is not in order and is random, its just what i think about the subject*

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1 Response Mar 18, 2009

I think you're on the right track. And I'm not speaking against anyone's decision to have sex with their partner before marriage, I do, I'm just speaking to your resolution. You have a goal, and I am confident you will achieve it. I admire that you are honest with yourself; many girls have never had a boyfriend and are uncomfortable with that, so they tell themselves that it's a purposeful thing. I'm not saying that's everyone, but many do. You know what you want, you want a man, and you want to wait until marriage.<br />
Best of luck to you.