I have been at pivotal points in my life where I was just about ready to get it the hell over with and just DO IT. I'm not saying that I have passed those points in my life, what I am saying is that the way I regard myself is different than what it used to be. I am precious. a bit cliched I know, but nevertheless true. I want to have sex very very badly, but i'm not going to give it up to anyone who doesn't put a ring on my finger first.
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1 Response Aug 19, 2007

I totally know what you mean. Years ago when I was a teenager I used to think I'd wait until I'd get married. Then a year ago things got complicated and for a while I couldn't wait to get rid of it. And that wasn't a very good time in my life.<br />
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And I know that physically I'm totally prepared to do it, but emotionally I couldn't stand it if I gave it up for someone who's not worth it.<br />
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So now I'm back to my original thinking that I'll wait until I'm married because that's how I'll really know he truly loves and respects me.