I Am a Virgin

I am 21 and am a virgin and its been a personal choice of mine to stay one. Some people may say its silly or dumb but what do they know? Anyways I am proud of this fact and figured id share it with you all.  I figure its something to be proud of. At least I know I am healthy :D
Bignc Bignc
22-25, M
3 Responses Sep 10, 2007

lol yes healthy is good lol

I agree w/ you BIgnc...I totally agree what you said about a night of sex being good, but a lifetime of sex w/ the one you live is amazing. Congrats on being committed on staying a virgin til it's the right time/you're married. It's so nice to hear from a guy who really thinks that being a virgin is a good thing...it's somewhat rare, at least from the guys I've been around.

How i like to look at it is this.. a night of sex is good but a life time of sex with the one you love is amazing. I plan on waiting see no reason not to wait a few more years if it takes that long.