Still a Virgin At 43

I used to worry about being so old and still being a virgin.  I know how important it is to me.  Sometimes I am really sad about it, but most of the time I wouldn't have it any other way.  In a way, I still have a naive romantic side to me, waiting for my (old) prince charming to rescue me.  At this point in my life, I just don't worry about it.  I am proud of it.  My friends know it and respect me for it.  I grew up going to a catholic school from grade 1 thru 12.  They always talked about the importance of saving yourself for your husband, although my junior and senior year, I think about one third of the girls were pregnant.  I always wanted a reason to go on a honeymoon.  If I am not a virgin, why have a honeymoon?  That is just a vacation at that point.  I can honestly say that I have never had an STD, never had to worry about being pregnant.  I also think it is REALLY funny telling people I am a virgin.  People just don't believe it anymore that a person can still be a virgin at my age.  Well, Here I am - and proud of it!
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Good for you, be proud. I'm am a virgin too.

Life is NOT about who you give it to or whether or not you're a virgin. I'm quite annoyed by how sensitive and overly dramatic people are about sex. Just kind of makes you think many people are nothing or weak without it. Older virgins tend to be pitied or as if they need help and I'm just tired of it. I'm 27 and still a virgin. Pretty sure I'll stay one for a long time.

I never thought this is possible or likely to happen, but if you are okay with it, if you are proud of it, then who cares! :))

I just turned 43 and I'm a virgin.

I'm pretty sure that had I not married I would still be a virgin - certainly that was my intention !

Are the people that post on threads like this former "Presidents of the High School Library Club?"

Some of us were in the A/V club and School Newspaper Committee.

I am still a virgin at 48. I have no expectations of having sex as, so far, I have never met anybody I would like to spend the rest of my life with. I think the weirdness that people impute to virgins is one of the many silly societal stereotypes.

I guess it's all comparatively moralistic, but it's a shame about the pleasures/memories/friends that you could have had, instead of devoting your life to Jesus or whichever religious zombie programmed you. Praise L. Ron Hubbard.

Whatever floats your boat.

You have to know for yourself your true reasons for maintaining your virginity. There are many people who have either had a bad experience in the past, or those who have waiting so long, that "being a virgin" is an avoidance technique,and sometimes rises from a built-up, unfounded "fear," of sorts. It might be worth having a discussion with a counselor. At your age, I would see your status as more of a liability than an asset, and there's a long way between having sex a few times and being "slutty."

now a male virgin at 61 and still proud, as we all should be .

If you're proud of yourself. Do you chase kids off of your lawn while you wave your cane?

short reply no i don't.and i don't have a cane.

Or a lawn???

I thought me at 38 was pretty old.

Thats impressive and honourable. One day a prince charming may 'rescue' you till then may your dignity keep you warm :)

Virgin at 16 but I don't believe in sex before engagement

I am proud of you too. I am now 67yrs. and a virgin also very happy. I to use to thank it was funney to tell people, but now I have lots of new friends that are virgins men and women. We are to enjoy life and sex is not always fun. A lot of pain and kids with no mom or dad. Lots of hugs

How would you know "sex is not always fun" if you've never had it? Surely you don't go by word-of-mouth opinion on life's experiences.

Are you a nun? How do you know that sex isn't always fun if you haven't had it?

Did you ever feel bad about it during your 20's or 30's???

Oh and by the way, it takes such courage to be like you

Im proud to be a virgin at 39 too. And Like you people don't believe me , so I say nothing . But the Lord knows and he keeps me.

Wow finally a woman that won't cheat on me I need to get to know you young lady

wow.... we r really impressed..

I am proud of you.

I don't know if you're proud of it or trying to justify it to yourself. There's nothing to be proud of really, but at the same time there's nothing to be ashamed of.

LETS FACE IT people look at sex through rose tinted glasses only seeing the nice clean sanitized version. When in reality it must be smelly & messy. (not my scene man)

i was a virgin until i was 32, (currently 42) know as a eunuch (can't how sex) i only had sex once before my operation stopped that, sex is very special to each of us, but for me, keeping your virginity is one of those special things that a men i guess would love to have, but its your body, there are other ways of have sexual fun, without peneration, as i have has to discovery

I also went through twelve years of Catholic school where they told us sex should be saved for marriage. lol I was a virgin until I was 31, which is almost unheard of for a guy! Here I am, fifteen years later, married with four children! Keep up the good work, amanecer!

20 y/o but it is not by choice. its because i am unattractive. however i dont mind being a virgin. i dont really consider myself a virgin and dont really value my virginity. becasue if i did lose it i will love and respect my vagina regardless. im glad you stuck to what you believed and what you felt was right

You are not ugly; ugly is not you.

I am a virgin as well, though I am 22, I feel like I am a freak sometimes. Most of my friends have had sex before. They think it is odd that I have not chosen to have sex yet, but the reality is, I have never met anyone I would consider having sex with. I do not think I could lose it to a one night stand (who would want a virgin for a one night stand?!?!?) and I have never been in a relationship that has lasted longer than 3 months. I surround myself with people who sparkle so much brighter than me and I think I am rarely noticed because of it. I think this makes me unlovable and therefore I will likely be a virgin for the rest of my life. There is nothing wrong with that if it is your choice, but it hurts to think about when it is not.

Why should you feel like a freak because you're a virgin?? Thats ridiculous..
I can understand that when ur surrounded with people that find it odd, and arnt virgins anymore, that you might start questioning yourself.. but what have they proven?? what do you gain by losing your virginitly? a throphy?

I think you should be happy and proud that your still a virgin, thousands of girls/boys wish they still had their virginity so they could give it to someone special..


did you ever regret of your decision, or thought you must have married earlier.

I hope you don't plan on having children. Perimenopause is looming. You do realize that many men will avoid you because you're still a virgin; is it possible there's something you're afraid of, and that's why you've clung to this for so long?

I am also 43 and virgin.

You have been fed a line of crap since you were a little girl, and look what it has gotten you. You're proud of something everyone else thinks is pitiful . . . (weather they say it or not, that's what they think).

F*** off. its important to her. who cares what everyone thinks.

I'm with cookiesoke. If I or any anyone else who got what they wanted out of life gave a crap about what everyone else thought about we did or didn't do we'd'd be in misery. Life is to be live how the individual believes not someone else. There's only two people that matter here, amanecer and her future husband. That's it. "Everyone" (which really isnt' everyone) else can jump off that bridge with "everyone" else.

Great job for sticking up for amanecer.... not that she needed it!

Its great you are still virgin.When I married my wife she was 30 and still virgin. This is the best gift what woman can give to husband.

Sorry but you are not so old, and i am sure you will find your prince soon!