I Truely Am

I am a virgin..and I am proud of it. I have been engaged for a year and half and still am a virgin. I believe in the undefiled marriage bed, and I am proud That my husband will be my first as I will be his first. I Am glad that when I am married I wont have any regrets or remembering things I had once done with someone else..and yes I have kissed my fiance', but He is my first and will be the only one recieving my kisses..Its a great feeling knowing we saved ourselves for eachother!!

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OMG! CONGRATS! I know I'm 7 years late. but just reading this stories I'm smiling ear to ear with joy. I'm so excited for you like your my best friend. I'm happy your now married and happy. I pray God continues to bless your union :)

absolutely amazing, enjoy eachother forever.

In my deepest desire, I want that exactly..

I am really proud of you, redbug... I hope that you go all the way. :)

Abstaining from this is a true goal, and I am setting out that goal for whoever my wife may be. You are wise. Wish you luck!

i think that is great for you i gave it all away and i dont regret it but some days i think it would be nice to be able to tell my future kids that there daddy was the only one i ever had sex with

thats good.. :)<br />
enjoy ur life.<br />
gawd bless u both!

You, my friend, are an inspiration.

Good for you that you find man that you want to marry, so you can have your first time with someone who truly loves you and shows commitment to you. I wish I could find one like that.

Good luck and stick to it. A lot of unhappiness in this world could be eliminated if everyone felt the same. So many unwanted pregnancies ending in either unwanted children or abortion. So many sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS. So many broken hearts where someone sleeps with someone else just to ave them break up with them. So much could be eliminated or drasticly cut down on if people only waited until Marriage.

Charlie, I agree... a lot of trouble, huh? Thanks for the wake up. :)

That's incredible! I am glad you found someone! I am still waiting as well, and yep their are still male virgins out here. Just trying to find like minded woman! Congrats to the engaged, may your first moment be everliving bliss under the stars!

me too, u guys are special....wish u all the best.

I commend you for waiting.I wish I would have.I was 23 and it happened because i was drunk and belive me it wasnt that great,lol!When I find my one true love though it will be glorious.Heck If I hadnt done Id probably still be a virgin even now at 35!

scary not knowing if you will be sexually compatible with your husband.because love dose not conquer all.Good luck

I just wonder... <br />
Before you marry someone, you usually want to know everything about the person... because you want to spend the rest of your life with him. Sex is a part of relationship, therefore I think you should know how well you match with your partner even in this region. <br />
I'm not saying everybody now should have sex with anybody, but when you really love that special someone... why not? (and especially when you want to marry each other, lol)

The notion of "saving oneself" for one's spouse is fine thing.<br />
<br />
But for the many (most) of us who did not wait, well, High Five, ... and banish your guilt, for experimenting in the delight of sex. The grownups among us who have (yes) married someone who was not our first lover, or even our second, or third... give me more comfort and satisfaction and reassurance than do the simple-minded who think that "sex" is something "sacred" in a matrimonial way.<br />
<br />
Sex is pretty special, don't get me wrong. But I was my wife's second or third lover, even if she was my first. I don't need to know the details. But she has been a good wife, and her prior experiences, her own, not mine, and not mine to know or pry about, ... haven't gotten in the way of her being a good wife, or (more importantly) a wonderful mother.<br />
<br />
Anyone who asserts that that "chastity is the only way" is ... spectacularly naive.

Oh, I'm a virgin. Waiting for the right person. Best of luck

thats incredible

Wow you're so lucky to marry a virgin because now days there are less and less guys who remain virgins until they're married. *sigh* I wish I could find one :P

I wish i had waited to. God bless you and good for you!!!! You can do it!

I wish I had of waited, I love my Husband so much it would have been great to have been able to give him something really special and there is nothing more special than that. Hang on it will definately be worth waiting for. x

thats great!<br />
you're first time will be full of love and trust.<br />
beautiful!<br />

Hang in there and ignore the comment. You will never be sorry you waited.

alah I never heard her say that. rape is an excruciating circumstance and by no means is the fault of the rape victim. rapists should not get jail time they should be castrated or declitted. A woman's virginity in the biblical sense goes beyond the not laying with a man though. It is not if a man takes you by force it is you giving yourself to a man. Its kind of the same with abortion I am against abortion but I understand if a woman aborted a baby from a rape assault. Not really ok with it but I understand the woman's deciscion.<br />
<br />
Now I don't really care if people have premarital sex but I will give kudos to any person who makes a vow to themselfs and lives by it.

You think you're better than a girl that's been raped! Pride commeth before the fall! Be careful!

I agree, that's great that you're saving yourself even now that you've found the one you want to marry. I was also abstinent until my husband and I got married, and I'm so glad because our first experience was so special. Good luck with everything, and good for you resisting temptation... believe me, I know it isn't at all easy, especially when you're so attracted to the man you love.

aww..best wishes to you...<br />
<br />
i wish i would have waited .. yes i am a virgin but i gave away other things i need not mention... <br />
<br />
best of wishes again<br />
<br />
take care