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I suppose it's an oddity in today's society considering that contraceptives and "protection" is ready available (although not 100% effective). Maintaining chastity until the age of 23 has been a bittersweet sort of thing. I am proud of it, probably overly so, but at the same time I find that as a virgin at this age you usually get one of three reactions...

1.) "Wow, are you serious!? You're kidding right? You'll find someone. Hell, I'll do it myself."

2.) "Really? I have to say I respect that... I wish I'd waited."

3.) "I'm sorry to hear that. You don't know what you're missing."

It seems most people start actively dating and engaging in sexual intercourse as soon as they realize they have a toy attached/inside their body already. Just because you have them and use you, doesn't make you an adult however... I guess I'm one of the ones that the desire to breed didn't hit  bad enough. I'm not exactly a gorgoeous girl, average at best, but I've seen much less attractive people with more game. Why bother getting to know someone when sex is so readily available from someone you won't have to form an emotional attachment to. Gotta love a society that is seduced by instant gratification and the anonymous nature of a large population.
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good for you.... worthy of honor