The Last One Of My Group.

I'm eighteen years old and I have a big group of friends; most of them ranging from fifteen to twenty-two and I'm the very last virgin. What people don't realize is what kind of pressure it puts on you, how left out and inferior it makes you feel at times. I can't tell you how many times I've been sitting with my immediate group and everyone starts talking about how many people they've slept with and I have no choice but to just sit there and keep quiet. And if that wasn't awkward enough, they all stop and look at me before saying something like 'Oh, let's continue this conversation later'.

Yes, please do, because my virgin ears cannot possibly handle the topic of sex. I may start to blush uncontrollably and have to leave the room. /sarcasm.

I may not have had the pleasure of having a one night stand or a pregnancy scare yet, but I'm not a damn child.

What's even funnier is when people look at you strangely when it comes up you're a virgin, as if it's an absolutely unheard of social faux pa.


I guess part of the reason I'm still a virgin is because, while I may not be waiting until marriage per se, I am waiting for it to be special. If you think about it, it's the closest two people can ever be, sans a mother and child. It is something that should be special and I, being the hopeless romantic I am, don't wanna waste that, especially the first experience, on just anyone.

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I am a virgin because I am too ugly and weird to get laid,but at least I have my right hand and a rather large **** collection to me happy.

Sounds like you are more mature than your friends... wait until it is right for you or you will regret it... make sure your first time is something special that you can treasure forever... peace :)

Hang in there kid, don't give it away just to be in, You'll know when the time is right and right for you not someone elce.

I am in those exact shoes, my friends dont seem to understand, they didnt really ever feel the need to wait, but i know it will ean so much more if its with someone i really care about....

i think it is fantastic,to find so many teens ,that want to wait,be proud, all of you,it is worth the wait,to find the person you love,and not a one night stand,i think you will find those teens,with kids ,that wish they waited ,for them it is too late,you all have morals and standards,so well done to all of you.

In my school there are alot of teens my age and older having sex, every corner you turn u are going to see a pregnant girl. It is as if it has became a fad. As for me im 16 and im very proud to be a virgin. Like you im also waiting for that special guy, i mean whats the point in giving a gift from god to some random guy then someone who loves you. I am ridiculed because of the fact that i am a virgin. But my belief is that sleeping with alot of random people is nothing to brag about.

dear ..u r doing very good ..if u wanna loose your virginity..loose it with the right person..who love u the way u r.....

good for you , stick to your guns , most of what your friends are chatting about is probably crap

hold your head up high being a virgin is something to be proud have morals, and they have none.

I'm so glad I read this. I'm 21 and also a virgin. I've always hung out with older girls and tend to be the center of attention, being that i'm always the youngest one. At first I wanted to wait because I wanted to be the only one not doing it. But then I realized I wanted to continue to wait until I found someone special. I'm actually proud to be the only one that hasn't given in to some random 2week boyfriend. <br />
Is it weird that its taking so long to find the right one?

I only hope my children have friends as mature as you are. Keep it special, don't rush to join the crowd.

You are showing a good deal of maturity even under so much social pressure. You should be proud of yourself. Be happy and let life bring in the best for you.

As long as it was with someone I love or deeply care about, it would be special to me.