when i tell a friend this, they seem to be shocked. I'm not sure why. I guess its because i've been in the dating scene, ive been with guys.but, i never allowed them to go that far.and ive controlled myself.I have a lot of friends and i guess to the worlds around me i seem like the kind of person who would have already had sex.Thats why im happy i went out with nice guys, who never forced me.the shockness on my friends faces gets me upset, that they cant just say ok and not ask what?how i didnt let a man take my virginity?easy.self control.

i wanna find someone who i feel totally connected with, totally understood by,someone who i will unconditionally love and they will love me back.if they have all these things, i will feel comfortable making love to them.honestly, i am very excited to find that person and to explore our sexuality with one another and to become fully comfortable with each others bodies. looks dont matter to me. if they understand me,we connect,we love, they will always look beautiful to me. most of the guys i date, you couldnt really see them going out with me, not to be seeing a shy anti-social guy holding hands with a energetic social girl.and thats how it is :)

i wanna say i want to wait til marriage but, in some cases i dont.i mean if you meet when your in your teens and you go out for a long while until adult years yeah, wait til marriage make it special.but, if you 30, 40 years old and you finally find that someone, i dont think you have to wait.

virginity is nothing to be ashamed of. weve just never gotten that far. of course, ive had my chances to make love but, i never let it didnt feel like the right person or the right time.

im the only virgin girl left in this town it seems.heh im special i guess.

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Of course you are special! Every virgin is a special me.

There are quite a lot of things about being a virgin that makes me feel so happy that i am one of them. lol.

First of all, there is the Innocence, the peace of mind, the joy, the purity etc. A lot of people do not know that sex is more than a physical contact. It goes straight up to the heart, the mind and even the soul.

A lady, who is a virgin herself once said that her vagina is connected to her heart, and you know what? I agree with her 100% cos it's true.

Ever heard about Soul-Tie?

Ah. Your attitude towards sex is very familiar. I too am waiting for the person and the moment in which everything feels right, when I will never regret giving myself fully. Good luck with your search for the one.