I'm Proud to be a virgin. I haven't 'given it up' to just anyone. I'm keeping it special!....

I'm starting to get frustrated!!! I feel I just need it... Its getting to be all I thing about... When, Where, With Who??? How I hope, with whom I'd like it to be... I just can't stop thinking and dreaming about it.

I going to uni. next fall, hopefully I'll find someone who I connect with and I can get this dang Virginity thing dealt with!! I've always been a patient and mature young women... so I'll keep waiting... don't know how long That can last... 

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thats great you didnt give up your virginity.i did when i was too young to now what i was getting my self into and ended up being embarressed by the girl in her friends for it not lasting long and for being too small so save your self till your ready i wasnt ready no 12 or 13 yr olds should be doing it

I'm gonna disagree a bit with lion here. While I don't think there is anything wrong with waiting, in fact, I applaud you, the whole bit about having sex with someone else who has already had sex making it meaningless is a bunch of bs. Sure, perhaps its not their first time but that doesn't mean they can't make your first time memorable. In fact, being with someone who has experience and is gentle and does care about you and your first time has a lot of advantages - knows what the hell he is doing may be a lot better than someone who has no experience. An experienced person understands it's gonna hurt and will (hopefully - if he cares about you) will not push you and will put your experience first - making sure you are comfortable. He also isn't worried about "getting off" and most likely has the stamina to last. Sex, while special, is also a skill. The more practice, experience you have the better (usually) you're at. <br />
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But, as lion did say, don't let your friends pressure you into it. The person you have sex with should be someone who you care about and love and who loves you in return.

One more thing if you keep worrying about gettin hurt in sex the first time ...i dont think theres fun in it...because if someone is already experienced in sex and havin sex wit u the first time will just ruin everying theres nothing unique about it. Nothing special only pleasure for an hour..then regret. Be cautious and dont let any of your friends make it seem like its important to have sex with someone.

what your doing is right and keep waiting..because there is guys out there holding their virginity for the right woman and they keep thinkin about sex with the right one...and one proof to that is Me..i am a virgin and im waiting n gues what im a dont get your hopes down good luck and depend on god:).

I want to lose my virginity to someone I love and want to be with forever. It hard to hold off, but I feel it will be worth it in the end. It was tough to go through colllege without caving in. Keep strong!

I want to lose my virginity to someone I love and want to be with forever. It hard to hold off, but I feel it will be worth it in the end. It was tough to go through colllege without caving in. Keep strong!

Geeeze girl, is not like you're 115yo! You're still young and about going to the U, at least try not to get drunk so easily and attend those frat parties with caution...we don't want your 1st exp to be a traumatic one, right? I`ve always said that sex is something you should pick more with your head than with your heart, pick a good and nice stud, you pick him, don't let them pick you...think of sex as something to be enjoyed, not as a blurry memory and lots of un-answered questions for the day after.

that's good ^.^ sounds like you got your head solidly on your shoulders. nothing wrong with wanting it to be wonderful... after all, what is life without things to look forward to? it may not actually hurt, i don't talk about it with my friends much so i don't know what their experiences were like but it didn't hurt me at all. if you take your time working up to it, and you don't tense up, it shouldn't be really painful at all. every woman is made differently, of course. i didn't even bleed, lucky me. <br />
i hope you do have a good first time when it happens! :)

I would caution you not to have unrealistic expectations about your first time. It can be special, but if you keep building it up to be mindblowing and super romantic, pretty much anyone will fall short and you'll find yourself disappointed.<br />
but good for you if it's that important to you :)