Virgo's Are Awesome

Hi, I'm TheBlackGuru and I'm a Virgo. Birthday: Aug.24th Sagitarius moon/Scorpio rising
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I'm a virgo too - 9/21, pisces moon, leo rising :)

Hi! 1st of all, thanks for the BA! ;)
2nd, Virgos are awesome! (At least the ones I know.) ;)
I am a Libra with Capricorn moon and Scorpio rising. :)

That is so sad. Sad that you attach meaning to a heap of ancient ethnic stereotypes. Because that is all that any of that zodiac nonsense is.

Turn that frown upside down :D

Well, the virgo I knew was an over-controlling psycho *****.

But your not all like that, I suppose :)

How do you guys figure out all the rising stuff??

I mean, I know I am a Scorpio but I don't know what the "moon" and the "rising" stuff is all about.

Where your moon is means the way you react emotionally and i react more from the pisces way of doing it. Your rising sign is how your personality manifests to the outside world and those you come in contact with. So for me, i am seen more like a leo, outgoing, can take the lead when needed.

I put my faith and truth in God. Astrology is just fun.

i will give you a link to find out ^_^
The Ascendent is your rising sign

Cool :D I am a Scorpio with an Aries moon and a Sagittarius rising ;)

For years I have thought that I was a Scorpio, but after further investigation I have discovered that I am in fact a Libra! Thanks for the link "mistamew" !!!

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Hello Virgo, I am a Scorpio, Libra moon and Virgo rising =D we should be friends!!!

Hi i'm a virgo too :0) Sep 21, moon in pisces/leo rising :) Nice combination you have there :) Moon in pisces for me means that as soon as i meet a pisces we usually fall into long conversation and feel like we have known each other forever :) Leo rising means i do get along with leos very well and admire a lot of their characteristics :) Leo is my outgoing side to my personality. I adore saggitarians and scorpios.. what a combo you are with beloved virgo thrown in too :) lol