3rd September

Characteristics of Individuals Born on 3rd September:

· These individuals are known to accomplish a lot early in their lives.

· Their extremely ambitious nature brings their goals closer to them and later these individuals move on to succeed in their personal lives as well.

· Their challenging nature earns for them stiff competitors instead of friends and admirers.

· Even while choosing their life partners, they are up to showing off that they can attract the best mate, while in reality they dream of a simple partner to settle down with.

· Boredom, predictability and loneliness should be avoided by these individuals embracing qualities like good times and family values.

· Somehow these individuals have relatively difficult times in their childhood and the effect is felt even after they become parents.

· The influence of number three vibrations makes them very positive and fearless in life and remain immune from worries and anxieties which plague Virgo people.

· Though they are aware of health concerns and remain slim, these individuals can give up habits like smoking and drinking in moderation to further improve their physical well being.

· There is strong desire in these people to start a business of their own at some point or the other in their usually successful careers.

· They are good at striking a balance between attention to detail and keeping the bigger picture in mind.

· The individuals born on 12th and 21st September along with those born on 30th August also share similar qualities as those of people born on 3rd September owing to the influence of the number three on their persona.

Hmmm a lot if this fits. :).

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3 Responses Dec 5, 2012

I'm like this too, with some small differences
I didn't know that even our birthday day could influence our personality so much

Yes, I was surprised the differences to the standard Virgo traits but it fits. :). Thanks for your comment.

Apparently I should have been born a day earlier, then I'd have less relationship issues...lol. I was born September 4th.

Awwghh I don't know, I think relationship issues affect me as well....lol. Thanks for the comment. :)

Awwww! yes. What a fabulous result. Suits you Charlie me thinks. :D

Thank you for sharing your post! :D

Thankyou Babe, good to hear from you, I hope you are well?

Thank you! Yes a lot better than of recent months gone by, Thank you, :D