Virgo the Virgin

Modest and shy
Meticulous and reliable
Practical and diligent
Intelligent and analytical

Fussy and a worrier
Overcritical and harsh
Perfectionist and conservative

Just a few of the traits about Virgos that I have come across.  And so many of them are true to me.

allyKat allyKat
26-30, F
4 Responses Jul 9, 2007

i am virgo and i find i am all of the above

my horoscope is virgo as well. I carry characteristic of it.

I am a virgo who is very practical, efficient, thoughtful and worry alot! I feel I am considerate adn awar of my health.<br />
Its great been a virgo, just do not like teh critical part of me!

or-practical, industrious, efficient, intelligent, thorough, methodical, exacting, precise, logical, detail-oriented, observant, work- and service-oriented, painstaking, pragmatic, discreet, health, cleanliness conscious, mentally active, and flexible