September 12 Virgo

Virgo the Virgin. Oh how I despise that second part, but I must admit... I am a full blown Virgo. I am, in every sense of the word, a Virgo. I am a neat freak, amazing with organization, and a very logical person. For every Virgo horoscope I've read I match it to a T. Then again... this makes me socially awkward at times and when everyone is following their heart I'm listening to my brain. As horrible as it is I feel like Spock in the new Star Trek movie...torn, but in the end I choose logic, not love. It makes me wonder if we're really driven by star signs or if it's just a coincidence... I'm not sure.

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5 Responses Jun 17, 2009

born on same date i can understand what u r saying

I'm sorry daniel... but maybe you will find her, you never know, she might already be scoping you out :)

yes i am allso virgo ,and i live up to the part in full.i am still waiting for my first kiss,on the lips,and my first date , and my first girlfiend,and the first sex.and i am proud of the fact.i must wait for the one and only.still can not find her.and i am male ,and 56

Well I'm a virgo female and I tend to be analytical and very critical. I'm also very caring though... I would do anything for anyone. So I'm not sure how it all works out.

im a virgo too sometimes i wonder the exact same things the horoscope is so accurate