I Am a Vision Untamed Wannabe.  It's sounds really "sexy".  As soon as figure out what it is and have experienced it, I'll report back.

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2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

I like fungirl's desc<x>ription, but perhaps "untamed" itself defies desc<x>ription. Don't you just do what you do without limit, without precedent? Go for whatever IT is...

A vision untamed is a company that does graphic artistry. They use a lot of animal pictures and their art is simply beautiful. So I would say that a vision untamed would be a woman that has an animalistic quality about her. She would be a woman like me lol. One that can wake her man up in the middle of the night with her hair all messed up and no make up and still look ready to go with ses. She is the woman when her man calls home from work and she hears his voice she goes from simply talking to purring in his ear. She is the one that leaves her man saluting her even though he may not be in the military. She is the woman that has the eyes that can look through you. She is the woman that sees through your soul and she is powerful enough to rip you to shred with her claws but she is the woman at the same time only wants to please her man and therefore purrs like a kitten insttead of roaring like a lion. This vision untamed is me lol.