If I see it chances are I will remember it.  Sure, sometimes its only short term memory.  But it really depends on if I'll use the info and/or how long I will use the info.  I've had a lot of instructors over the years that get surprised when I get every answer when they gave me them all.  Well not too hard because all I have to do is read through ones I don't know well a few times and bam I'm ready.  Never had to study too much.

I read a trick in super memory power e-book that will help you memorize a long list of items.  It was really cool, even with my photographic memory didn't think I could really do this because its a timed activity but its amazing.

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same as you

thank you i will download it<br />
it might be helpful for me too :)

thank you i will download it<br />
it might be helpful for me too :)

The photographic memory came natural, had that as long as I can remember. <br><br />
<br><br />
The trick for remembering large lists is to associate them with ridiculous mental images. Google the book its by Harry Lorayne and you can find free pdf download. :) I downloaded to work on word memory because I could build some memory in that department. I keep meaning to look for free downloads for increasing reading speed and comprehension.

wow! what is this trick?