Really Want To Write To My Local Paper!

I want to get an article published not just in my local paper but maybe even everywhere. I want it to tell the whole world that not all servers are not hoes, drug addicts, dumb, stupid, slow, uneducated and any other bad rep that is given to us. Also while it is being written please inform the public that we do not get paid a 6 figure salary by our employer and most of us are lucky if we get paid any thing above a low 10 figure salary by our employer. So we really to rely on your tips to support our families. By the way some of us do actually have the ability to do other things but choose to be there to serve you. You should also try taking the time to teach your children this information as well for some parents to allow their children to dine out on their own and I have noticed that some are unaware as to what a tip is.
Babycakes1979 Babycakes1979
31-35, F
Nov 16, 2011