When One Is Unhappy All Of Them Are Unhappy...

i just recently received a job at a nursing home for old people.  I have trained for three days and today was my first day where i got my own tables.  it is absolutely crazy how much a waitress/waiter has to go through. we run around like our heads are chopped off. first of all....i was waiting on fifteen very needy people.  everything needed to be catered just to their likings.  i accidentally brought out a guy the wrong soup. i went back and got him the right one and then he told me he didn't want it anymore. okay. then when i brought out his food he claimed it was horrible and i didn't bring him the right food. i re-checked what i had written down for him and everything was right on the dot.  he then went ahead and threw a fit, pushed his plate across the table knocking his water down, and stormed out. i went into f***it mode.  Someone at the next table ordered grilled salmon.  She received it and was clearly unhappy.  She took off all of the grilled spots, put it in a bowl, and told me to hand this to the chef and tell him to eat it with her compliments. how rude. i took it back and emptied it trying to forget about it.  i went back to see if she needed anything else and she asked me what the chef said.  i didn't say anything to the chef because there was nothing wrong with her food. the next table wasn't able to chew their beef....probably because their teeth are around eighty years old.  i then had to go and talk the chef into making them hotdogs past our closing hours.  what a terrible day. just terrible.
newaitress newaitress
May 16, 2012