Not My Problem

I work in a 24hr diner. So the other day, the day after Black Friday, my manager expected not to be super busy, for reasons that are unclear to me. She sent two people home at the beginning of second shift which left me and only two other people on the floor. Well, you can guess where this is going, we were swamped! Just the three of us were trying to handle a full dining room, people walking in the door, cashing out customers, and running food. It was bedlam. It was my turn to be stuck up at the cash register for a moment so another server could run his food out. I'm in the middle of helping one customer, trying to ring in their stupid coupons, when an elderly man walks up and starts griping at me, "When am I going to get some ******* service over here?!" The man in question and his wife had walked into our crowded restaurant and sat themselves in one of the darkest, most secluded corners. (Even though we have a sign, prominently posted; "PLEASE WAIT TO BE SEATED") I took a look around and realized one server had gone our for a cigarette, and of course the section in question was his. Of course I rushed right over to take their order, and I attempted to smooth the situation. "I'm sorry," I said, "We're a bit short-staffed tonight and one of our servers went on break, but I'll go ahead and take care of you right now!" I usually find that explaining the situation soothes people. Nope, not Grumpy pants over here. Instead, he goes "Breaks aren't my problem. I want some damn food." All I could think was, "Well, Mister, you just made it your problem, because you are now my last priority!"
Instead of the cheerful bubbliness I usually exude, he received only cold politeness. The food came out in a timely manner, I took it out- but not before making sure any other items on the pass-over were ran first :)
I could've done a lot worse. You'd be amazed at what a server could get away with. I've never done anything bad...but some people, like this man, sorely tempt me. Oh yeah, and he stiffed me! Next time this man comes in, bet your bottom dollar I won't seat him in my section, and I will warn my coworkers that he's a lousy old crank who doesn't tip. We servers talk...if you treat one server badly, you might as well not go back to that restaurant for a very long time, because you will receive polite, but disinterested service at best, and spit in your soup at worst (you know it happens somewhere!) Especially if you stiff us. I guarantee we will fight not to serve you, and your salad will be warm and your soup will be cold, because what the hell, you weren't going to tip us anyway! SO bye, see you never!!!
LeGirl LeGirl
22-25, F
Nov 28, 2012