Okay so I became a waitress recently and quit recently. lol I worked there for a little over a month. The restaurant I got hired at had major issues. Which is probably why no one I know in our small city ever mentions going there because no one does! It is attached to a hotel and theater so it still gets quit a bit of business. So I began waiting there and they let me shadow a waitress for a few days, then when they got busy they just threw me into the mix! It was so overwhelming. It wasn't like they started me out with a small section they gave me big sections with big tables.
I began to see how understaffed they were and I told management I could work with them for a week or so and then I would need to work within my availability. Well it was over a month and after multiple times of speaking with management, after the staffing situation got even more precarious since I started, I decided to leave. I literally was the only waitress for lunch, and then only 2 others would come in at night on the busy days. They had five servers total three of which were also bartenders. So for a huge restaurant they were royally screwed. I tried to get across to them that pretty much give me my availability or they will be even more screwed but it didn't happen. They thought having me work 6 full days in a row was the way to go after I told them I wouldn't do more than two full days in a row. OPEN TO CLOSE. So I left. Now I am about to start a new waitress job and hope it goes better than the last. Any tips from my fellow waitresses? I feel like I never got a chance to become very good because I was always taking on too many tables to handle. My head was always spinning and a lot of unhappy customers leave that restaurant all the time. This new place seems promising. Thanks.
loveWatters loveWatters
31-35, F
Aug 17, 2014