Need a New Job

I started waiting tables in 1980.  I was not too excited about it because of dealing with people at the tables like I knew them.  That was hard,  but I made good money and it became easier to talk to people.  I guess it was a good job to get you to open up and not be so quiet.  eventually I left it for a job with insurance.

Now years later a Man wanted to know if I would like to work a few nights a week doing waitressing.  I was alright with that.  I ended up being the fill in for someone everytime they called off or needed a day off.  I am getting worn doing it.  If you are not able to work when he snaps his fingers,  he will get rid of you the first time you slip up.  I finally turnd them down one day and did not fill in for someone.  Now the tension in there was hard.  I feel so unable to leave the job because I can not learn computers..........I have tried and I can't get it.  I am only able to do a very few things on this computer.  My memory is bad lately and I have pulled tendons that is making a waitress job hard but changing to another job that requires lifting is going to be hard also with the tendon issues.  I can do 40 hours a week because of chronic fatigue syndrome.  I can barely do my 30.  I am terrible at math.  can ssomeone let me in on a job that I can look for?

cappuccino22 cappuccino22
Feb 28, 2009