Tired of It

i am so tired of being a waitress. yes, already. i am tired of rolling silverware everynight for 2.13 aN hour after making only 30 dollars alllllllllllllllllll saturday. last weekend i made freaking 60$ all weekend. 60 dollars. that is pathetic. the waitresses at my job and i am sure everywhere else put up with too much ****, and dont make enough money. it is awful. i hate it. now that my husband is home from afghanistan, i no longer want to work every friday satruday and sunday because as other army wives know, that is the only time you really have to enjoy your husband. i want to quit but my husband wont let me. he said once i find another job i can quit but i already had a hard enough time finding this job. there are no jobs here and i am stuck. i kind of want to do something to get my *** fired thats how pissed off i am.

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I am thinking of getting out of the food service. I waitress some nights, and do the prep at times in the day. I used to really enjoy it. now I canrt stand waitressing.<br />
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Not sure if it's the co workers or the customers. some people are just so annoying. I don't like your iced tea, so give me a cup of hot tea and a large cup of ice.........all this said with a curled lip.<br />
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Im tired of lazy co workers that dont re stock anything. then my shift comes and I have all this stuff to gewt.<br />
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it is a hard job, why did I pick this

I COMPLETELY agree with you ... everyday i feel like i find more and more reasons to dislike almost everyone lmao not a great way to live

Bless, I hear you on that one. i do make good enough money. However since the econ. is bad that means the tips are not as good and the people are just not as happy or nice anymore. I can honestly say I am starting to hate people more and more everyday.lol x

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thank you i appreciate it. the first two weekends i worked i made over 200$ (each weekend) i work at Ryans by the way. It is awful. but apparently the company is doing really bad - they have already went bankrupt twice. i just want to find a new job but i cant. i feel stuck