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Since I never danced, I suppose the only other definition would be wallflower, although, I normally enjoyed myself.

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If you want to dance, "Just do it." Thats sounds simple and is hard to do, I know, trust me. I am overly Caucasion. One thing I learned way to late in life is "The other person is just a nervous as you."

Well, if that's true, than being able to tell that story is worth not dancing so well.

I took a dancing class actually...<br />
<br />
I was asked never to come back because I caused $1100 dollars in damage.

I think that if you want to dance in public, you should dance a lot in private. It's very freeing...I like making my big king sized bed into a fantasy mosh pit and just screaming out Green Day lyrics...of course, that's just my little niche but it really feels great.<br />
<br />
Take a dancing class! Learn not to step on toes and meet people at the same time.

I bet you could slow dance and not step on toes .... :)

I wanted to slow dance, but I don't wanna step on toes, y'know?

Yeah, I love music but I can't dance. I try though...