Sometimes.. i feel like i am nobody.

I have no reason, but feel that way.

feeling of  emptiness and endlessness.

so, i begin observing  the surroundings.....


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12 Responses Feb 18, 2009

hi.. phedokitty.. yeah.. i know feel the same here. :) <br />
thank you. i love that anttidepresant! Hugs* ^_^

It's hard for me to call you HAL....you know :D ...you just don't deserve this feeling of emptiness....REMEMBER, FOR ME YOU WILL REMAIN THE BEST,and i can be your anttidepresant!*hugs and kisses

hi Shine... thanks.. sometimes i got very confused. Especially when i am on the internet. for me net gathering are far more difficult to handle than the real life... cause we can't see each others and just depending on our imagination from words.. and sometimes..deeply affected by a simple word and i get drown more deeper..

thank you sleepless. my best best wishes to you Hugs* ^_^<br />
<br />
hi Salar... thanks for your comment. appreciated very much :)

Hal always remember your are someone ........ No need to feel otherwise.....

Thanks Hal. You know im here, just a click away from you :) What friends for... Hugs*

hi loanna... thank you. guess.. i am human with a flesh and blood... not wildflower.. Hugs*<br />
<br />
hi sleepless. Thank you. your words always makes me rejuvenate.. i am so pleased to have you as my good friend! Hugs*

I think everybody feels like that sometimes. We should be thankful we have a nice friends to remember us we are somebody :) we love you Hal :) Hugs*

sometimes i am not sure why i get insecure all of the sudden.. thank you for your advice.. i will try. many Hugs*

tendereyes ..i am happy to have you as my good friend! thank you Hugs* ^_^

dude... yeah..sucks happen sometimes.. can't help it

Ah, that cant be good, that feeling sucks.