I Just Realized This

I hate being the center of attention. It's too much pressure for me. So I'm perfectly happy to be a wallflower. Its funner to just sit back and observe anyways. You learn and see a lot more heh

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me too...However after entering the uni, my life has changed and I've found a plenty of friends.<br />
My home has become a MOTEL !!! The only difference ia, I get money daily, and have fun all the day..<br />

It can be a great lurning experience to watch things and feel the emotions from everyone else. Pluss what they can feel you can feel as well.

I like to sit back and observe too, you realise how weird and funny people are! I do like to be the centre of attention sometimes (i use my humour and sarcasm) but only in small groups and not for long or i get self concious or just bored of making an effort to be smart/funny/interesting lol.

I'm just the same! I get too self-conscious being the centre of attention.

I like wallflowers!