Used To Fist Fight All The Time

Despite me being 5'4 and having always been one point 105-115 pounds...I was never really scared of anyone. I think because I was so small people thought I was an easy push over but I'm not. I used to fight my step dad and my sister growing up, came from a violent home and bad neighborhood so for me fighting was my only option. But I got tired of fighting.  I've been in many battles. Many fist fights but the biggest battle wasn't a physical one. Fighting against my own demons was by far my biggest and most challenging battle. I got tired of fighting myself and others. So decided in the last few years to love me and love others and resolve issues differently and peacefully. Instead of running from my demons I dealt with them head on. All the **** in life has made me strong although at times it knocked me down...I am up and doing great! So yeah! I'm a ******* warrior!
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1 Response Mar 23, 2013

I never would have thought of you as a push over.

cool! In highschool and Jr high bigger and thougher girls would try to punk me so I would fight them.

I was involved in a lot of fights growing up too. Just not with girls so much. I wrestled the girls ..... ;-p

I know ...., but shameless, witty humor amuses me. It's the whole simple things, for simple minds thing...

lol you funny. I bet them girls enjoyed wrestling with you ; ) I used to wrestle with one of my bros but he got too strong and would get carried away and accidentally hurt me so I had to stop. It was fun though :)