I've Gatecrashed This Party

cos i am not a web designer, but i would like to be and am about to enrol in a course. 

In view of that, i figured u guys would be kinda good to hang out with hehe


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Sorry escapefromny, I'm as in the dark on this as u are, therefore, thank u so much gatekeeper. Ur info has been really helpful. I missed the last intake for the course, so will be starting next year. Every bit of info greatly appreciated!

Hi. As to escapefrommy's comments, I am a self taught web designer and could recommend some starting places. Get Dreamweaver. I was unsure at first, but now am sold: it is golden. You have amazing control over CSS, page organization, quickly insert flash animation or even quickly make flash text. It is great.<br />
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Learn CSS and learn it well. There are so many great books out there. I've used the company Lynda.com. They create tutorials that walk you through so you can really learn. <br />
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I am just learning PHP and MySQL. This is hard for me because, unlike you, I don't have a background in computer programming. The language is probably similar. <br />
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Oh yeah photoshop is another necessity.

I too would like to be a web designer. I used to be a computer programmer but have done very little work on web applications. Have you read any books on the subject? Could you recommend anything? What tools will you start with? What do you think you'd like your first project to be? I have done a couple of web pages to sell houses and have done one website called mycheaphomes.com which none ever visited. I was thinking of using php and mysql because they are free. What do you think?