For Anyone Else Looking To Learn Joomla (website Development) has installation lessons, type in "Joomlah 2.5 Tutorial lesson #"
There are 20 lessons, 1-10 are introduction-downloading. 11-20 are if you have downloaded and lessons on use. (The fallowing are lesson title/brief information):

1) Introduction
- Free companion workbook @

2) Why Joomla/Alternatives?
-Wordpress: easier to learn less features
-Drupal: harder, background in web development necessary.

3) Requirements
*For Linux
-Apache 2
-PHP 5.2.4
-MySQL 5.04
*For Windows
-IIS 7
-PHP 5.2.4
-MySQL 5.1

(Installation process: Download, extract, upload, create data base, web installer)

**4) Quick Install

5) Standard Installation

6) Database-control panel (method 1 of 3)

7) Database (method 2 of 3) (using PHP myAdmin, if web-host does not provide control panel, if they have a control panel like C-panel etc. Use that one)

8) Database (Method 3 of 3) Using command line.

9) Web Installer (Will need database details)

10) Troubleshooting (FTP root path, if not sure~usually given by host~can try "autofind" FTP path, or modify advanced settings, FTP host: FTP: Port 21 - Information will be needed every time an extension is added.

11) Front End
-(Main Body, Positions)
-(Modules (content) 2 types: Primary Content & Secondary Content)

12) Administrator

13) Storage
-Create site Map
[Articles]-sub-[Geography][History]-subHist-[Ancient ][Modern]

14) Articles
-Article manager
+ New Article
-Title_____ -Category (folder placement:Created in storage)_______
-To link words, highlight (click on chain icon) pop up window appears
and type in URL. To reopen and make changes highlight again and
click on icon once again.
-Use Filter to find articles, change # of displayed, Filter by category,
or filter by author (If multiple users).

15) Menus (How to display article by using menus)
-2 functions: Link to new page, and Instruct the page how to appear.
-Can add a link to main menu or create new.
-Menu type should have no spaces if making new menu)
-If you create a new menu it needs to be assigned a position
-"Single Articles" are demonstrated

16) Modules
-Extensions-module manager
-New, menu, enter name, drop down to menu (our articles)
-Select position (cause new menu, not existing)
-Costume module (positioning + module assignment (where located)
-Ordering column assigns ranking (above/below) once assigned a
location. Don't forget to save (by clicking floppy by ordering).

17) Images free site (used to resize: ___ x ___)
-Cropping/colors etc. / save @ top of page.
-File name, save on local computer.
-Content->[media manager] is where you can upload images.
-Content->[Article manager]->find article you want to place image
-Click on image (provide short description-chose where to align)
-Insert image. Easiest to use media manager with multiple images.

18) Templates
-30-60$ per template.
-3 common methods (quick start package[if website not started],
installing templates
-More to be added<-- 16 min. vid.

19) Extensions (watching soon)
-More to be added <--

20) Conclusion
-Best way to get help
-Can register an account and search for answers (contact details for 3rd party, templates,
hosting & development)
-check out community drop down (social network)
-User groups/magazine.
-Joomla pro course

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