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When I was in school I took classes and got certified as a web page designer and computer techy =) Yay... I actually don't work as one or really do much with it other than my own personal reasons but I still love it and am good at it. =)

BlazzinBebe88 BlazzinBebe88
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1 Response Oct 24, 2008

I took no courses but taught myself html. Now I'm at the gates of CSS. I enjoy it but have never made a cent at it. I've always done it all by text, no GUI. Well, I did design a simple site for a friend's new business but it's not making money yet. They'll probably swing a few bucks my way if they ever get off the ground but I don't count on it.<br />
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I have many skills but no certifications. Part of what gets me ill with people is realizing all the bogus information that comes out of their mouths. Most don't realize how much disinformation people swap.